SNOTI's CORNER "ESA Cultural Show"

ESA Cultural Show!!!

The Ethiopian Student Association (ESA) hosted the 18th annual Ethiopian Cultural show on Saturday, April 20th at 5pm. This amazing show took place in the St. Paul Student Center theatre. The theme of the night was Roots of Pride.
The cultural show was filled with a variety of fun activities through out the night. The show attracted so much attention that it sold out two hours after doors opened. Entertainments of the event included several traditional dance performances, as well as a mini comedy skit. All of the performers were dressed in unique traditional robes to accompany their choreography. Members of the audience included family members, friends of the performers, as well as U of M students. After the first half of the show, attendees were given the chance to indulge into some delicious Ethiopian foods like injera and wat.
This was a fun energetic night for everyone who attended. From the electrifying music and the amazing dances, to the beautiful clothes worn by the dancers, this was a night to remember. This cultural show was so entertaining that it left the audience wanting more.

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