SNOTI's CORNER "Working Through The End Of The Semester"

At this time of the year summer is in full-front. For a typical student the end of the school semester means the beginning of summer. The thought of being so closed but yet too far from summer increases the stress level of students all around the world.
For the most part, the end of the semester brings an overwhelming amount of final research papers, tests and final projects. Imagine being one of many students who has a final paper due on the same day as an exam. The thought of that alone is exhausting. In times like these, let me remind you fellow students that a talk with a counselor is very helpful.
As one of the students facing the stress of having a final paper and a test on the same day, I've considered my options. There are many resources available for students in times of stress. No matter how difficult it gets at the end of the semester, remember that the end is near and that your days to fully enjoy and take control of summer is fast approaching. Don't stress out!!

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