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SNOTI's CORNER "ESA Cultural Show"

ESA Cultural Show!!!

The Ethiopian Student Association (ESA) hosted the 18th annual Ethiopian Cultural show on Saturday, April 20th at 5pm. This amazing show took place in the St. Paul Student Center theatre. The theme of the night was Roots of Pride.
The cultural show was filled with a variety of fun activities through out the night. The show attracted so much attention that it sold out two hours after doors opened. Entertainments of the event included several traditional dance performances, as well as a mini comedy skit. All of the performers were dressed in unique traditional robes to accompany their choreography. Members of the audience included family members, friends of the performers, as well as U of M students. After the first half of the show, attendees were given the chance to indulge into some delicious Ethiopian foods like injera and wat.
This was a fun energetic night for everyone who attended. From the electrifying music and the amazing dances, to the beautiful clothes worn by the dancers, this was a night to remember. This cultural show was so entertaining that it left the audience wanting more.

Coming Together as A World Community

Coming Together as A World Community
In an endeavor to bring people together from diverse backgrounds, the Peace and Social Justice Writers' Group will give a reading and multi-media performance to celebrate diversity, recognize our common humanity, and build a sense of an all-inclusive world community. Please consider this a personal invitation to attend.
Action Name: Reading & Multimedia Music Performance

Event Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: The Loft Literary Center
MINNEAPOLIS, MN, 55415-1263
2nd Floor Performance Hall, Open Book

Organization: Peace and Social Justice Writers Group

Description: The Peace and Social Justice Writers Group Invites You to a Reading and Multimedia Music Performance: Coming Together as a World Community

The Loft's Peace and Social Justice Writers Group presents an evening of readings and a feature performance by Janet Horvath devoted to bridging our cultural differences. Through storytelling, archival photos and works for cello, Horvath, associate principal cello of the Minnesota Orchestra from 1980-2012, unveils a riveting story with compassion and understanding. Please join us as we embrace cultural awakening and make the case for coming together as a world community!

A reception follows the program.

Our group is comprised of writers who consciously explore the nature of peace, and through our activities aim to renew and maintain a sense of hope for the future. By sharing our writing and discussing the works of writers who inspire and move us toward action, we endeavor to refine our talents and use our creative craft to promote peace and sustainable justice in our world. The group is open to all experience levels and writing genres.

$10 suggested donation. No one will be turned away.

Presenters: Philip Lund (Host)
Burt Berlowe
Christina Kieltyka
Stephen Larson
Michael Kiesow Moore
John Noltner
John Calvin Rezmerski

Feature Performance by:
Janet Horvath (cello/multimedia)
Heather MacLaughlin (piano)


For more see

SNOTI's CORNER "Snow go Away"

As if the six months of Minnesota winter isn't enough, the snow refuses to go away. The fact that it still feels cold and windy in the middle of April makes spring seem so far away. Yet the official beginning of the spring season was said to have started weeks ago. The snow has added to a windy and cold Minnesota, which is a far cry from the season of spring.
For a while, the idea of having a warm and sunny weather came close to becoming a reality for students all over Minnesota. Some of the U of M's seasonal fashionistas began to dress up in their best spring dress codes. This excitement was short lived as winter insisted on taking the spotlight that belongs to spring.
One of the main reasons why students in Minnesota get excited about the end of the school year is because of the notion that the weather will get warmer. It's reasonable to say that it is time for winter to retire and give us all a break. Really, haven't we suffered enough? Winter please go away, and ONLY come back another YEAR!!!

COIN: Upcoming Events Job Opportunity, and Award Recognition


Tuesday, April 16th
5:30 Doors open
6:00 Film screening
Rapson Hall Auditorium
89 Church Street SE

Up Heartbreak Hill is a moving look at a new generation of Americans struggling to be both Native and modern.

View the trailer:

This event is free and open to the public.


Part 2 with Lakota Master Gardener Francis Bettelyoun

Wednesday, April 17th
Native American Medicine Garden

Please meet us at the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence St Paul office in the St. Paul Student Center, room 207. Lunch will be served. There will be a short walk to the garden at 12 noon.



Part-time 10 hours a week
June 1st-August 31st 2013
Required/Preferred Qualifications: Enthusiasm for gardening, willingness to pass on gardening knowledge, ability to work independently.

For more details and to apply on line:
Requisition # 183719



27th Annual American Indian Graduation Banquet
Friday, May 3rd
Augsburg College
2211 Riverside Avenue

This graduation is fully funded by donations, and organized by volunteers from post-secondary institutions and community members.

More information and registration is available at:

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence Celebration of Achievement
Tuesday, April 30th
Ted Mann Concert Hall

To register, you will need to visit and use your U of M x500 to sign in. The registration deadline is April 16 at 5 p.m. ***



The University of Minnesota first year Ojibwe language team (Menwaabekejig) won first place in the First Year Language Division at the Annual Ojibwe College Quiz Bowl at the College of St. Scholastica.

Coached by Memegwesi David Sutherland, Team Captain was Hayley Olson, and teammates were Alexandra Johnson, Mary Barber, and Zoe Brown



SAAM: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Check out the activities being held throughout the month!

SAAM all event flier-1.pdf

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events Description.pdf

SNOTI's Corner "African Night"

Come one, come all to a night of fashion and fun. The University of Minnesota's annual African Night will be held this Saturday August 13th in the Coffman Memorial Union Great Hall starting at 6:00pm. The night will include some unique African performances form a variety of student groups. After the official program has concluded, there will be an after party hosted down town at Solera starting at 10:00pm.

The University of Minnesota houses a diverse group of students. The annual African night is an event that brings students together to celebrate the African culture. Included in the night's entertainment would also be a fashion show that would showcase beautiful traditional African attire. This would be a fun filled night that you don't want to miss.

As the school year comes closer to an end. It is most likely that the stress form finals and research papers have increased. This fun filled night will be a time to relax and refresh your mind. Come with friends you know and meet new people from all across the state. Its time to put on your African best and enjoy the African Night!!!!

SNOTI's CORNER "Working Through The End Of The Semester"

At this time of the year summer is in full-front. For a typical student the end of the school semester means the beginning of summer. The thought of being so closed but yet too far from summer increases the stress level of students all around the world.
For the most part, the end of the semester brings an overwhelming amount of final research papers, tests and final projects. Imagine being one of many students who has a final paper due on the same day as an exam. The thought of that alone is exhausting. In times like these, let me remind you fellow students that a talk with a counselor is very helpful.
As one of the students facing the stress of having a final paper and a test on the same day, I've considered my options. There are many resources available for students in times of stress. No matter how difficult it gets at the end of the semester, remember that the end is near and that your days to fully enjoy and take control of summer is fast approaching. Don't stress out!!

SNOTI's CORNER "Paintings Galore!!"

One, two, three paintings and more, were all displayed in the basement floor. MCAE's grand opening of its art gallery was on Wednesday March 27 in room 41 located in the basement of Appleby Hall. A diverse style of paintings and colors created by some very talented U of M students were put on display in the Shih Pau Yen computer lab.

At the event, attendees got to satisfy their sweet tooth by indulging in some snacks and sweets while conversing. As a fellow attendee, I personally was blown away by the variety of cup cakes and cookies available at the snack table. My personal favorite was the mini sized sugar cookies with blue icing on top. YUMMY!!!
After having snacks, everyone gathered in the computer lab for the viewing of the paintings.

The details and creativity of the paintings were amazing. I must say I was inspired to become a painter myself after watching some of the artist explain the process of how they made their paintings. Although it is safe to say that if I ever did make a painting it would be just a big mess that makes no sense, there's nothing like trying something new. Besides if we really think about art, some of the best paintings ever made have actually been a big mess that makes no sense. It doesn't matter because we love them anyway.

If you haven't seen these wonderful paintings, visit the Shih Pau Yen computer lab and check them out. The paintings not only gives the computer lab a pop of color, they are also beautiful and inspiring.

COIN: Events this week, and upcoming events


Thursday, March 28th
1:00-2:00 pm
Circle of Indigenous Nations
322 Appleby Hall

Please join us for this presentation by Stephanie Zadora and learn about her Study Abroad experience during fall semester 2012. Light refreshments will be served.



Saturday, March 30th
Coffman Memorial Union's Great Hall

Grand Entry at 1 pm and 7 pm
Feast at 5 pm



Tuesday, April 16th
5:30 pm doors open
6:00 pm film screening
Rapson Hall Auditorium

The hopes and heartbreaks of senior year of high school comprise a defining part of teenage life and lore in America. Graduation marks the end of childhood, partings from family, friends and community and the start of a future that is both exciting and scary. But for Thomas Martinez, a statewide high school cross-country and track star, and Tamara Hardy, an academic as well as athletic star, growing up on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico has heightened these tensions in ways particular to Native American history and contemporary reservation life. Erica Scharf's new documentary is a chronicle of one fateful year in the lives of two talented kids who must figure out not only how to become young adults, but what it means to be both Native and modern.

Light refreshments will be served prior to the film.



Wednesday, April 17th
St. Paul Campus
207 St. Paul Student Center

Please plan to join us for lunch and a tour of the Native American Medicine Garden with Lakota Master Gardener Francis Bettleyoun. Please note, there is a small walk to the garden.

Events This Week and Volunteer Opportunity


Please join us in the Circle of Indigenous Nations for this presentation from Lakota Master Gardener Francis Bettelyoun, and learn more about the Native American Medicine Gardens on the St. Paul Campus. Lunch will be served.

Tuesday March 12th
322 Appleby Hall



"Foster Child"

In this documentary, filmmaker Gil Cardinal searches for his biological family to try and understand how he ended up in foster care as an infant. In his search, Cardinal encounters frustration and loss, but eventually finds answers and a new appreciation of his M├ętis culture.

Please join us for the second film in the film series. The theme this year is: Identity.

Tuesday, March 12th
Location changed to 102 Fraser Hall

For complete details about the American Indian Cultural House Film Series, visit our blog at:



The American Indian Student Cultural Center is in need of volunteers for the Powwow on Saturday, March 30th from 11am to 10:30pm. If you are available and willing to volunteer, please fill out the Google doc on the link below with your name, email, and time you would like to volunteer!

PS You'll get a FREE T-SHIRT!


Oh! how much students look forward to spring break. Being somewhere sunny and tropical, or just at home relaxing, are just a few benefits to going on spring break. The last days leading to spring break are very difficult. Why are these days difficult you ask? Well, lets take a look at a few reasons:

The first and maybe most important reason is the thought of not having to stay up doing homework. This is not to say that doing homework is bad, however it is sometimes necessary to take a mental break. Not just a mental break for an hour or so, a mental break for an entire week, that's 24 hours, multiplied by 7.

Reason number two gives a shout out to all of the late birds. Spring Break, like any time off, equals the opportunity to sleep in until the sun rises or sun falls. Lastly, Spring Break grants the right to have FUN!!!!! Yup, that magic word is very powerful for students when we don't have any academic obligations. Its not ever week that school is out for an entire week.

A break from school in middle of the semester is well deserved. However, there is one important thing to consider while planning your spring break, SAFETY. Make safety your number one priority when planning your spring break because safety is the key to having a fun and exciting break.

Tonight Only: March 7 at 8 pm!

Tonight Only: March 7 at 8 pm!
Teatro del Pueblo in collaboration with
The State of Iberoamerican Studies Series:
Human Rights Across the Disciplines
University of Minnesota
College of St. Benedict/John's University

By Tanya Saracho
(Performed in English)

330 21st Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
After its successful run at Intermedia Arts, Tanya Saracho's
Quita Mitos will perform at the University of Minnesota.

Come celebrate Latina women and explore the complex, bitingly humorous terrain of life on the border between Mexican and American identities.

Join us after the performance for a facilitated discussion on domestic violence, racism, gender equality and prejudice.

$12 at the door

Reserve ahead for groups of 10+ by calling 651-224-8806

Made possible in part by the generous contributions of: The Carolyn Foundation, the Metropolitan Regional Arts Commission (MRAC), the Legacy Fund and YOU!

SNOTI's CORNER "The Life of a Student"

Freezing weather, rainy temperatures and gloomy skies, are just a few of the outside forces that students in Minnesota deal with on a regular basis. In addition to this, there is the typical workload of a student that includes daily readings, occasional tests and quizzes, and group projects. The life of a student is definitely bitter sweet until graduation.

The years leading up to completing college are some of the toughest for students. Having to wake up early for classes on a weekly basis can start to take a toll on us after months of the same routine. In college, we realize what our High School teachers meant when they told us about the importance of being independent. Self-dependence and determination are the most effective ways to get through college.

Completing college enables us to have a better future for ourselves. Completing college brings us closer to our personal goals and sets us up for better opportunities for the rest of our lives. It also, gives us a sense of pride because we feel accomplished. So, whenever you think about waking up early during freezing and rainy temperatures, think about what your life would be like after all is said and done. Look on the brighter side of things and give your self a pat on the back. The life of a student may not always be easy, but the life after college is definitely going to be easier.

Snoti's Corner A Day to Love or be Loved!!!

On February 14th, lovers all around the world are required to express their love for loved ones. Yes, required. Why you may ask? Well, how often do we get gifts from loved ones? Or most importantly, how often do we get exactly what we wanted? Although Valentine's Day isn't a national holiday, it's a day when we are all expected to go the extra mile to put a smile on our loved one's faces. Whether or not your gift is a homemade card or a really expensive one, it's the thought that counts. Valentine's Day is not only meant for dating relationships, its also a day for family members; parents, son, daughters, aunts, uncles and cousins to celebrate their bond. For it is true that love exists in many ways.
Valentine's Day can also be considered single awareness day where singles embrace and celebrate being single. For those of us who did not celebrate this day, it's important to acknowledge that celebrating Valentine's is a personal choice. Most of us may express our love on a daily basis and may not need a specific day to highlight our emotion.
So whether or not you celebrated Valentine's Day, hope you had a great day. For those who received gifts, tell us what you thought about your gift. Was it hand made, lavish or completely unexpected?

Beasts of the Southern Wild Screening

You are invited to attend:


A film screening and critical discussion

A special Black History Month presentation by the
Department of African American & African Studies and the Black Student Union
University of Minnesota

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

5:30 PM Reception
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM Film Screening and Discussion

Coffman Memorial Union Theater
300 Washington Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455 | University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Film Screening
In a forgotten but defiant bayou community cut off from the rest of the world by a sprawling levee, a six-year-old girl exists on the brink of orphanhood. Buoyed by her childish optimism and extraordinary imagination, she believes that the natural world is in balance with the universe until a fierce storm changes her reality. Desperate to repair the structure of her world in order to save her ailing father and sinking home, this tiny hero must learn to survive unstoppable catastrophes of epic proportions.

A post-screening discussion about the film will feature:

Leola Johnson, professor and chair of Media and Cultural Studies, Macalester College
Darryl Bullock, filmmaker
ShaVunda Horsley, actress
Keith Mayes, professor of African American & African Studies, University of Minnesota

For more information, call or email:, 612-624-9847.

Coffman Memorial Union Theater
300 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

SNOTI'S CORNER "In the Know, with Spring Snow!!!"

The start of the spring semester means the start of wishing that summer was here already. Students all over America got a taste of what it will be like when there's no school and no need to wake up early during their winter break. I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that spring in Minnesota sometimes shouldn't be called spring. Spring in Minnesota is like winter in California, or (as we've seen for the past few days) mini winter in Minnesota. With the combination of snow and chilly temperatures, one can say that summer is far..... far....far, away. But don't worry fellow students hold your heads up high. Don't give up show spring who's the BOSS!!!!

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