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National Student Exchange

Study away in the USA (or Canada)! National Student Exchange (NSE) is a partnership between nearly 200 colleges and universities in the US, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands that allows undergrads to study at another campus for a semester or year. Most students pay U of M tuition (or instate tuition at their host school) and can apply financial aid toward their exchange!

Students cite various reasons for pursuing NSE:

NSE is very affordable!
Learn independence and self-reliance by getting out of your comfort zone!
Broaden your personal and educational perspectives!
Take courses not available at the U of M:

Biological Research of Salmon Streams and Glacial Watersheds (University of Alaska Southeast)
Geology of the Hawaiian Islands (University of Hawaii at Hilo)
Interesting language offerings: Tongan, Tahitian, Thai, Samoan, Ilokano (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Marine Invertebrate Zoology (University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas)
just to name a few...

Test out the university you may want to go to for graduate school or the region of the country you want to move to after graduation. With an NSE exchange, you get the advantage of living in another part of the country without the hassle of a permanent move!
Experience NCAA sports at another school! 5 of the top 10 ranked college football teams in 2012 are part of NSE (University of Alabama, University of Oregon, University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, University of South Carolina)!
Easily transfer the credits you earn on exchange back to the U of M!
Be immersed at a French-speaking school in Quebec or a Spanish-speaking school in Puerto Rico!
Study at an HBCU (Historically Black College or University)!
Don't limit yourself. Participating in NSE doesn't prohibit you from studying abroad!
And some students just need to get away from Minnesota winters for a short time!

For more information, please visit, contact us at 612-626-2044, or visit us in 240 Appleby Hall. Sign up for an info session or set up a meeting with an advisor to learn about the application process.




TIME: 12-3PM

Study Abroad in China Information session.

Study Abroad Options in China Info Session:
Monday, October 22
2:30 - 3:30 pm
110 Heller Hall (West Bank)

Info session will cover program details such as coursework, housing, excursions, as well as scholarships available.

- Session will feature the Language Immersion in China program, currently the only program whose credit has been pre-approved by the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures (ALL).
- Complete second year (CHN 3021-3022) or third year (CHN 3031-3032) while abroad. Great for finishing up the CLA or Global Studies major language requirement.
- Live in dorms with a Chinese roommate to further immersion outside of the classroom
- Semester-long options in Intensive Chinese Language and Chinese Studies & Internships also available.

More info can be found at:

Contact Thuy Doan with additional questions: or 612.626.8686

JASSO Short-Term Student Exchange Program/Scholarship - Hiroshima University of Japan

Because of ongoing partnership activities since 1989, Hiroshima University of Japan has dedicated one JASSO scholarship to a student from University of Minnesota. The conditions of the scholarship are as follows: Monthly stipend: ¥80,000 per month (approximately US $984).

The scholarship will begin on October 1st. 2012. The minimum stay required is 3 months, and the maximum stay is 12 months. So one could stay in Hiroshima for eight months or for four months. However, one cannot extend the planned period, once he or she submits the plan to JASSO in March. One can obtain the scholarship according to the plan that he or she submitted in March.

Another condition is concerning the grade records of the applicant. The average score for the grade record that the applicant obtained for classes at University of Minnesota last year should be more than 2.30. You will find the procedure of obtaining the average score on the website.

The followings are the necessary documents:
1) Certificate of Enrollment of the Applicant for JASSO Short-Term Student Exchange Promotion Program Scholarship
2) Application for Enrollment as a Research Student
3) Personal History
4) Certificate of Graduation and Transcript Record of the last university that the applicant finished (undergraduate records)
5) Transcript Record from the University of Minnesota
6) Recommendation letter
7) Certificate of Health

1)Certificate of Enrollment of the Applicant for JASSO Short-Term Student Exchange Promotion Program Scholarship.xls
2)Application for Enrollment as a Research Student.pdf
3)Personal History.pdf
7)Certificate of Health.pdf


Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to share that MCAE now has study abroad information which can be found outside of the main MCAE Minneapolis office in 140 Appleby Hall.

Enjoy your winter break!

We look forward to seeing all of you next semester.

-Crystal Esparza
MCAE Office Manager


Laos Trip Student Presentations

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Peters Hall (St. Paul Campus), Room 5

Fifteen students and two University of Minnesota faculty members traveled to Laos last spring as part of the School of Social Work Youth Studies class, "Hmong Youth in Context." We cordially invite you to this event to hear about their learning experiences.

Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program (MSROP) Summer 2010

Dear University of Minnesota Undergraduate Students,

The Office for Diversity in Graduate Education would like to invite you to consider participating in the Multicultural Summer Research Opportunity Program that will be held on the Twin Cities Campus from June 7 - August 13, 2010.

Established in 1986, the Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program (MSROP) at the University of Minnesota provides undergraduates an opportunity to develop research and inquiry skills with a faculty mentor on an individual basis or as part of a research team, which may include graduate students, research scientists, technicians and other MSROP students. Through the mentoring process, students are introduced to the methodology of their chosen discipline by involving them in research and other scholarly activities. Such involvement is expected to improve the quality of the students' undergraduate experience, to enhance the likelihood of their completing bachelor's degrees, and to attract larger numbers of prepared students of color to graduate or
professional schools.

If you are interested, please refer to the MSROP website
( for:

* Application Form
* Program Structure
* Program Goals
* Financial Support Package
* Eligibility Requirements
* Frequently Asked Questions
* Additional U of MN Summer Research Programs

We encourage qualifying students to apply. Contact us at

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