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May 29, 2008

Thomas Toley

Thomas Toley.jpg
Minneapolis, MN
CLA / Intended Bachelor of Individualized Studies - Design Studies, Strategic Communication & Art or Marketing
The 2008 MCAE Kickoff will be dope!!!!

Demario Littleton

Demario Littleton.jpg
Detroit, MI
Major in computer Engineering, Minor in Statistics in the Institute of

Adora Land

Adora Land.jpg
The Picture is of Salena Jones and I.
I'm from St. Paul and so is she.
My intended major is Sociology of Law, Criminology and Deviance

Andrew Le

Andrew Le.jpg
Bloomington, MN
Biochemistry, CBS
In the photo, that's me on the left

Camille Summers

camille summers pic.jpg
St. Paul Minnesota
Genetics Cell Biology and Development major in the College of Biological Sciences
I look forward to making this year's kickoff great!!!!

May 22, 2008

Jokondo Anthony Jokondo

Jokondo Anthony Jokondo.jpg
Brooklyn Center, MN
Entrepreneurship/ Business Management Major Sports journalism Minor
The MCAE Kickoff is a great opportunity for students like ourselves to be able to meet a network, I know I found as a great resource and it was a lot fun. I'm stoked...yes i said "stoked" deal with it. :-)

Phouthakannha Nantharath

Phouthakannha Nantharath.jpg
I am originally from Laos
Biomedical Engineering and Medical Technology, Institute of Technology

Leke Ogundepo

Leke Ogundepo.jpg
Woodbury, MN
Economics - College of Liberal Arts
Lets work together for a common goal of success

May 21, 2008

Desiree Omar Khayriea Abu-Odeh

Desiree Omar Khayriea Abu-Odeh.JPG
I am from Mankato, Minnesota.
I am in the College of Biological Sciences majoring in Biochemistry and
Neuroscience and minoring in Art History.

Kayla Frazier

Kayla Frazier.jpg
Kayla Frazier
Chicago, IL
College of Design

Kristian King

Kristian King.jpg
Chicago, Illinois
Health Psychology
I enjoy participating in the Kickoff because I know I can make a difference in the student's beginning experience at the U of M.

Maya Suresh

maya suresh.JPG
Vadnais Heights, MN
Finance, Carlson School of Management
I chose to become an MCAE ambassador because I want to share my experiences from my first year with others and help them become acclimated to college.

Nick Caretta

Nick Caretta.jpg
Nick Caretta
From: St. Anthony Village, MN
Major/School: Operations Management- Carlson School of Management
Welcome incoming freshman, my name is Nick and you guys are going to have a blast meeting new people and learning about the University!

Jessica Niemi

Jessica niemi.JPG
Jessica Niemi
I am from Rochester, MN
I am a senior on the School of Nursing

Jenny Whiteley

Jenny Whiteley.jpg
Jenny Whiteley
I am in the school of journalism and mass communications, i am majoring in advertising.
I was born in Seoul South Korea but grew up in Richfield Minnesota.

Jasmine Omorogbe

jasmine omorogbe.JPG
Jasmine Omorogbe
Communication Studies Major (3rd Year)
Hometown: North Minneapolis, MN
I love all the great people (staff and students) that I get to meet during the kickoff and I can't wait to meet YOU!

Fatima Garcia

fatima garcia.JPG
Fatima Garcia
Aurora, IL
Major and college: Double major in Global Politics and Public Affairs minor in Spanish
I am a very motivated, determine and strong Latina female. I enjoy doing exploring the world and learning about different cultures.

Jessica Kendall

jessica kendall.JPG
Jessica Kendall
Minneapolis MN
College of Liberal Arts Major: Sociology Minors: Youth Studies and Leadership
I am super excited to be apart of the kickoff this year as an ambassador, last year I went and had so much fun. I want others to feel as welcome as I did.

Mary Yang

mary yang.JPG
Mary Yang
Maplewood, Minnesota
Family Social Science Major in the Colleg of Education and Human Development.
I enjoy participating in the Kickoff because I like to meet new people and be a role model to other students.

Jenny Akpe

Jenny Akpe.JPG
St. Paul, MN
Biology/ CBS

Lynh Vu

Lynh Vu.jpg
Vietnam/ St. Paul, MN
Biology, Pre-dentistry/CBS
I'd eat skittles if they had little fortunes in it!

May 20, 2008

Sonia Gockley

I was born in Kerala, India, but raised in South Minneapolis
4)Individualized: ICP: Public Health, Life Sciences, Family Social Sciences

Daisy Giles

Daisy Giles.jpg
Daisy Giles
St Paul MN
art double major with african american history major, CLA
I love being an ambassador for the people!

Maira Rosas-Lee

maria rosa lee.JPG
Maira Rosas-Lee
Bloomington, Minnesota
Pre-Med, Spanish and Chicano Studies Major
I'm a short little person with BIG dreams!

Salena Jones

Salena Jones.jpg

Zuri Bender

zuri bender.JPG
Zuri Bender
Red Lake, MN
BIS-American Indian Studies with an emphasis on the Ojibwe language, Sociology, and Communications/CLA
Being an MCAE Ambassador is a great way to meet new friends, and it's so much fun!

Nita Chakrabarty

Nita Chakrabarty.jpg
Nita Chakrabarty
Finance/Accounting CSOM
The University is so big; one of the best ways to succeed is to meet the right people from the start and build your own community.

Katheryn Alcantara

Katheryn Alcantara.jpg
Katheryn Alcantara
Cypress, CA / Saint Paul, MN
BIS - Communications, Strategic Communications & Global Studies
I smile, laugh, enjoy playing intellectual conversations and maxing out my FlexDine at Jamba Juice. I'll make sure to show new incoming students how to do this!

Joy A Williams

Joy A Williams.jpg
Joy A Williams
Dallas Texas
Sociology, College of Liberal Arts

Rachel Carmichael

Rachel Carmichael.jpg
Rachel Carmichael
CLA - Individualized Degree with emphasis in Communications, Sociology, and Family Social Sciences
I am always interested in a opportunity that can better myself and those around me which is the main reason why I got involved with MCAE.

Safiyyah Maryam Abdul-Alim

Safiyyah Maryam Abdul-Alim.JPG
Safiyyah Maryam Abdul-Alim
Cleveland, Ohio by way of Caledonia, Minnesota
majors: Sociology, Psychology/college of liberal arts-honors

Houa Pha

Houa Pha.jpg
Houa Pha
Elementary Education in CEHD

Jevita Baheriy

Jevita Baheriy.JPG
Jevita Baheriy
St.Paul, Minnesota

Me'osha Solsberry

Me'osha Solsberry.JPG
Me'osha Solsberry
Architecture w/ minor in Afro Studies in the College of Design
I love to meet people here at the U, and look forward to meeting you and making you all feel welcomed and at home!

Maria Rios

Maria Rios.jpg
Maria Rios
Originally Mexico, Hometown: Woodbury, MN
Nursing, CLA
I would describe myself as a friendly and always smiling. I enjoy participating in the kickoff to show incoming students that the U is a wonderful place where one will make a lot of new friends and have the most wonderful times!

Quang-Thinh Cao

Quang-Thinh Cao.jpg
My name is Quang-Thinh Cao but you can call me Quang
I am from Vietnam
I am a Chemistry major in the Institute of Technology as well as a Pre-Pharmacy student
" The more I study, the more I realize how little I know. "

Ingrid A. Scantlebury

Ingrid A. Scantlebury.jpg
Ingrid Scantlebury
West Fargo, North Dakota.
Double Major in Mass Communication and African American Studies, Minor in Political Science
School of Journalism and Mass Communication/College of Liberal Arts

May 19, 2008

Tenzin Lhadon

tenzin lhandon.jpg
Tenzin Lhadon
I am from India, but I am Tibetan
Major: International Business and clothing design, Minor: Finance, CSOM

Larissa Miralles

larissa!! pof pic for mcae-1.JPG
Larissa Miralles
Caracas, Venezuela
Anthropology (w/ Biological focus) CLA

May 14, 2008

Multicultural Kickoff FAQs

• When will I find out my resident hall?
Housing assignments will be sent to students in the middle of July.

• When can I move into my residence hall?
1:00pm, August 26th. There will be MCAE Ambassadors and Resident Hall Student Staff there to assist you. The Multicultural Kickoff begins at 4:00pm, August 26th.

•How is the Multicultural Kickoff different from Welcome Week?
Both programs are welcome events for all incoming students aimed at easing students’ transition to the University of Minnesota. The Multicultural Kickoff is a free on-campus event that beings on Tuesday, August 26th and ends on Wednesday afternoon on August 27th. The Multicultural Kickoff introduces participants to student organizations MCAE works closely with, to faculty of color teaching interesting courses, the academic and student support services provided by MCAE, and to student leadership opportunities. Welcome Week is a required event for all incoming freshman and will provide an opportunity for the entire class of 2012 to build a sense of community, adjust to the campus environment, develop relationships with students, faculty & staff, and access the multitude of resources available to students. Welcome Week begins right after the Multicultural Kickoff ends and will conclude on September 1st.

• Can I attend the Multicultural Kickoff and Welcome Week?
Yes. There is no over lap in these two events.

• If I have my Freshman Orientation on August 25th and 26th can I still attend the Multicultural Kickoff?
Yes. Your Freshman Orientation will conclude around 4:00pm and the Multicultural Kickoff begins at 4:00.

May 12, 2008

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the University of Minnesota!

My name is Patrick Troup and I am the Director of the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) at the University of Minnesota. This letter is to personally invite you to participate in MCAE’s FREE day and a half welcome event taking place right before Welcome Week begins. Our on-campus event is known as the Multicultural Kickoff and will be held on August 26th and 27th , 2008. The Multicultural Kickoff will end just as Welcome Week is beginning, so you can participate in both programs! The Multicultural Kickoff is known for being a fun event that is geared specifically for multicultural students. We showcase our student organizations that you are invited to join, we introduce you to our different Ethnic Studies Departments so you can get an idea of the interesting classes being taught, and you will also connect with other incoming students as well as returning students that will be your Multicultural Kickoff Ambassadors. This event also introduces you to the academic resources MCAE provides as well as the scholarships, internships, and grants that MCAE has available for you.

If you are planning to live in the residence hall this year, we will arrange for you to move into your residence hall on Tuesday, August 26^th before the Multicultural Kickoff begins. So why not move in early and get to know the other Multicultural students that are in the class of`2012!

The Multicultural Kickoff is free! Everything will be provided by the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence.