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June 23, 2008

Sarah White

sarah white.jpg
Red Lake, MN
Public Relations/CLA

Joshua Colas

Joshua Colas.jpg
Racine Wisconsin
Mechanical Engineering

June 9, 2008

Amiri Brotherson

Amiri Brotherson.jpg
Born in Washington DC
Lived in Baltimore, Maryland till 6th grade
Lived in Robbinsdale, MN since middle school
Psychology Major, Business Minor CLA and Carlson School of Management
I am looking forward to connecting with people from different races and having interesting conversations

Zoua N Moua

Zoua N Moua.jpg
I'm from Saint Paul, MN. Will be a junior this fall, in the College of
Liberal Arts, double majoring in Economics and Communication.

Francisco Maldonado

Francisco Maldonado.jpg
I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. I am a Sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts. Intended Major: Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Public Health, History, and Life Sciences. Congratulations on joining the U of M community and I look forward to meeting you!

June 5, 2008

Lashowna Dukes

Lashowna Dukes.jpg
Born in Kansas City
Raised in Saint Paul,MN
Sociology in the College of liberal Arts
"Do what You Do, say what you Say, Mean What you Mean when you Say. Cuz Its yo Life got to make your own rules and you got to do it your way". Pink

Kurtez Ellis

Kurtez Ellis.jpg
Milwaukee, WI

June 4, 2008

Amber Ruel

Amber Ruel.JPG
Milwaukee, WI, American Indian Studies Major, CLA

"If we play 'Capture the Flag', MY team is winning!"

JaDasha Pointer

JaDasha Pointer.jpg
I'm from Minneapolis,MN I am a sophomore My Major is Child Psychology I look forward to helping all of you this year and throughout years to come!!!

Mellete Seretse

Mellete Seretse.jpg
Saint Paul, MN
Child Psychology/CLA
I'm excited to meet you and help your transition into the U!

Pablo Garcia

Pablo Garcia.jpg
Tijuana Mexico
Major/College: Journalism(soon to change), CLA
"A Sigma Lambda Beta Man, Laid back but Driven"

June 3, 2008

Chloe Liang

chloe liang.JPG
Blaine, Minnesota
Accounting &International Business /CSOM

Stephanie Leonetti

stephanie leonetti.JPG
Saint Paul
Carlson School of Management
Major: Marketing
Minor: Comparative U.S. Race and Ethnicity

Lynn Huynh

Lynn Huynh.jpg
St. Paul, MN
I am undecided but strongly considering biomedical engineering-CLA

June 2, 2008

Ali Imad Fadlallah

Ali Fadlallah.jpg
Detroit, MI
B.A. in English Literature from the College of Liberal Arts
Ali is all about doing his share in allowing fellow students to explore the wonderful, wide-range of opportunities available on campus, meanwhile promoting a collaborative, diverse, and hospitable atmosphere at the U

Ms. Rayette Peltier

Rayette Peltier.jpg
St. Paul, MN
undecided, CEHD
93X is my favorite radio station.

Matt Huang

Matt Huang.jpg
Lexington, KY
Biochemistry, CBS
My favorite part of the Kickoff is meeting all the new people

Ka Zua Melissa Vang

Ka Zua Melissa Vang.JPG
Twin Cities, MN
Art Anthropology Design, CLA

Israel Pinner

Israel Pinner.jpg
Mexico City now residing in St. Paul
Intending to major in Global Studies and International Relations with either a double major or a minor in Spanish in CLA.
I love llamas!