July 31, 2008

What time does check-in begin for the Multicultural Kickoff?

The Registration Check-in Table and the Commuter Check-In Table at Wiley Hall will open at 12 noon.

The Resident Hall Registration Table will open at 1:00pm in the Lobby of your Resident Hall. You must first check-in here before you begin moving in your belongings.

How do I check-in for the Multicultural Kickoff once I am on campus?

All students have two required check-in stations.
Students moving into their resident halls must check-in at the Multicultural Kickoff Table which will be in the lobby area of their resident hall. They must also check-in at the Registration Table located in Wiley Hall.

Students that are commuting to campus for the Multicultural Kickoff must check-in at the Commuter Check-In Table at Wiley Hall. They must also check-in at the Registration Table also in Wiley Hall.

May 14, 2008

Multicultural Kickoff FAQs

• When will I find out my resident hall?
Housing assignments will be sent to students in the middle of July.

• When can I move into my residence hall?
1:00pm, August 26th. There will be MCAE Ambassadors and Resident Hall Student Staff there to assist you. The Multicultural Kickoff begins at 4:00pm, August 26th.

•How is the Multicultural Kickoff different from Welcome Week?
Both programs are welcome events for all incoming students aimed at easing students’ transition to the University of Minnesota. The Multicultural Kickoff is a free on-campus event that beings on Tuesday, August 26th and ends on Wednesday afternoon on August 27th. The Multicultural Kickoff introduces participants to student organizations MCAE works closely with, to faculty of color teaching interesting courses, the academic and student support services provided by MCAE, and to student leadership opportunities. Welcome Week is a required event for all incoming freshman and will provide an opportunity for the entire class of 2012 to build a sense of community, adjust to the campus environment, develop relationships with students, faculty & staff, and access the multitude of resources available to students. Welcome Week begins right after the Multicultural Kickoff ends and will conclude on September 1st.

• Can I attend the Multicultural Kickoff and Welcome Week?
Yes. There is no over lap in these two events.

• If I have my Freshman Orientation on August 25th and 26th can I still attend the Multicultural Kickoff?
Yes. Your Freshman Orientation will conclude around 4:00pm and the Multicultural Kickoff begins at 4:00.