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Gamin' with MCAE

One of the many fun activities you will experience during MKO is a team game to help you learn more about how MCAE can meet your needs as a student. "Gamin' with MCAE" is a large group activity, Jeopardy style game, with a team twist.

This activity time has been a crowd favorite of MKO participants from past years!

MCAE's Gamin'wMCAE.gif

Participants will be grouped into teams and take turns trying to answer questions about MCAE's programs, services, staff, locations on campus, events and leadership.

To play pick a category and a dollar amount.

Then once you see the question you and your team members have 30 seconds to guess the right answer.

If you are on the other team you should be deliberating too! If the first team gets the answer wrong you get a change right away! You will have an additional 15 seconds to provide your answer.

Get it right, and you not only win the points for that dollar amount but you also get to try another question. Get it wrong and your team is out!

There are laughs, fun, and prizes for the winning team.

To get a sneak peak at how the game works click on the link below!


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