Once you've registered, please remember to check back on this blog often for more updates!

We look forward to seeing you at the Multicultural Kickoff!


I would like to participate in the MCAE kickoff 2011. I look forward to meeting you guys.

Hi, my name is Pashie and I would be glad to participate in the MCAE kickoff.

Hey guys! My name is April, and i will definitely be there (:

Hi, I'd love to participate :)

My name is Helen & I would love to participate in the MCAE Kickoff!

Hello, my name is Amanda and I will see you guys there!

Boozhoo, I'm Veronica and I would love to participate in the multicultural kickoff! :)

I can't wait to participate in the MCAE Kickoff! ~Maya

I would love to participate!

Hello First-Year Students!

I, as well as the MCAE Staff is looking forward to meeting all of you at the Multicultural Kickoff! Please be sure to register as you blog with us. :)

Shout out to Josh Lawson who was not able to post, but emailed me directly.

I look forward to meeting you all!


Hey guys! My name is Priya; I'm from a small town in Wisconsin and am super excited to move to the big city and meet all of you. See you in a few more weeks! :)

Hello! My name is Crystal Yang and I would also love to participate! ;)

Hello, My name is Paris and I would love to participate!! Can't wait:)

Hello, I am Dara Daly and I can't wait to participate. I do have a quick question though, on our housing status should the date say August 29th for move-in if we are participating in this, or are we supposed to just show up and move in then? If anyone can answer this, that would be great!

Once you've fully registered, I will send your names over to Housing to get you on the list to move-in early on the 29th from 6-9pm. Please pay attention to this from the Housing website and contact them if you have any questions or are given a different date.

Hi mates my name is Yulin Xu,or you can just call me Dereck. I will definitely be there.I so look forward to seeing you and making new friends

Hi! My name is Mino, I'm a senior transfer student! I'd love to attend this awesome event!! I am looking forward to seeing you all and become friends!!!! :)

Hi!! I have the same problem as 'dalyx'. My move in date isn't scheduled for the 29th like it's supposed to be and i registered for this event months ago :/. all of my friends and some people on the class of 2015 fcbk page have the same issue.
Should i contact the housing people? or are the names not sent yet?
thankyou :)

Hey! Can we still register if our orientation is on the 29th & 30th? Would it overlap because i would really like to be part of this!

@olupo002, it seems like the dates have been updated to reflect us moving in early. Your move-in date should say August 29th @ 6.00 PM. But, feel free to call Housing and Residential Life (612-624-2994) to double-check :3. I called them a couple days ago and they said that it would be updated. I think all you need to know is your student ID.

@areg0003, I think your orientation date would overlap, since on the website it says that the Kickoff starts Tuesday morning on the 30th, and on the 30th you will be getting your Ucard and schedule. But don't quote me on it. You can check here:

for information about the times and if you want to ask any questions :). I hope you can make it!


Thank you, Diana, for assisting your fellow colleagues! If your orientation date overlaps the Multicultural Kickoff event, your college will assist you earlier so that you can come check-in with us AFTER your orientation.

Regarding housing, please be patient at Housing and Res. Life has to update their list and then update your move-in times. As Diana mentioned, please contact Housing if you still do not see this update reflected on your page by next week.

See you all real soon!

Ah Vang-Lo

Hi guys my name is Abhishek. I'm very excited and am looking forward to meeting everyone! Less than two weeks left!!!

Hi, I'm a commuting student and I'm attending this event. I was wondering where we're supposed to park if we're driving ourselves?

Hi, my name is Meichen, but you can call me Susan, I can't wait to be part of this awesome event! I just have one quick question, so since I'm moving in early, do I have to pay for the extra housing fee? Because I was not supposed to move till the 3rd of Sept.

Hi everyone! My name is Kathleen and I can't wait for the kickoff! I hope we'll all have lots of fun getting to know each other!

Hi, is there an agenda for this? Are parents/families welcomed too?

So How do you resister for this? I hope writing a comment is the way! I commented on this blog but wasnt sure thats all I needed to do...

My name is Kenneth. I am excited! I will be there!

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