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Welcome to the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) at the University of Minnesota. We personally invite you to participate in MCAE's FREE welcome event taking place right before Welcome Week begins. Our on-campus event is known as the Multicultural Kickoff.

The Multicultural Kickoff will end just as Welcome Week is beginning, so you can participate in both programs! The Multicultural Kickoff is known for being a fun event that is geared specifically for multicultural students.

Reasons to participate:
*We showcase our student organizations that you are invited to join.
*We introduce you to our different Ethnic Studies Departments and other esteemed faculty members so you can get an idea of the interesting classes being taught.
*You will get a chance to connect with other incoming students as well as returning students that will be your Multicultural Kickoff Ambassadors.
*We introduce you to the academic resources MCAE provides as well as the scholarships, internships, and grants that MCAE has available for you.
*Most importantly of all, its FUN!

So why not move in early and get to know the other Multicultural students that are in the class of 2016!

The Multicultural Kickoff is free! Everything will be provided by the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence. Come to learn, connect, and build community!

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you!


MCAE Staff
Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence

University of Minnesota

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