Frank DiGangi obit/profile

Frank DiGangi was a positive force in the pharmacy department at the University of Minnesota. DiGangi taught more than 2,000 students at the university according to the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune says that DiGangi chose the pharmacy field after failing to get a scholarship to a New York school. While working at a drug store, DiGangi decided to pursue pharmacy after his boss offered to pay his first year of tuition reports the Star Tribune.
According to the Pioneer Press, DiGangi did more than teach. The 92-year-old also served in the Navy in 1943-1946. His wife also passed before him after 63 years of marriage says the Pioneer Press.

The Pioneer Press gives a brief history of DiGangi's career and accomplishments such as the Harold R. Popp reward from the Minnesota State Pharmaceutical Assn. along with two other awards. The Star Tribune on the other hand, goes into detail about DiGangi's career and has a lot of quotes and information from friends and loved ones.

As his daughter said in the Star Tribune, "although known as a tough instructor, DiGangi was committed to his students' success, and kept in contact with many of them after graduation." DiGangi often stopped in to visit former students at their pharmacies.

The Star Tribune says DiGangi died from complications with pneumonia while living in Conneticut with his daughter. The Associated Press, however, only lists where DiGangi died.

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