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January 26, 2007


After class on Tuesday, I was very excited to get home and contemplate which organization to volunteer for. All the speakers were very informative about their establishment and after listening to each one, it made it very difficult to decide. My major field of study is Pharmacy which is part of the heath field and I was positive that I wanted to do my service-learning for a heath-related business. But then, I learned about Jackson Street Village and the prospect peaked my interest. For some reason I felt like I could really do some good by tutoring others. Also, I think it will be very interesting to be able to work with people of all ages. I’m not fond of really small children but to be able to work with little children and also adults in high school will be different. Also, I am a huge advocate for education, and school in general so I hope by helping the kids that I will be able to make a difference in someone else's life. I was positive after hearing all the speeches that Jackson Street Village was the one for me.
When I got home I logged on to the service-learning website to do my referral. However, in the scroll-down box, Jackson Street Village wasn’t listed so I e-mailed Monica and she was able to change the website. I’ve already heard back and I’m excited to start my volunteer work. It will be a different environment that I’m not use to since I use to work in a hospital. The Children’s Hospital was my second choice though but nevertheless I’m glad about the choice that I made.

January 18, 2007

Community Involvement Thus Far

Interestingly enough, I chose this class because I wanted to do something other than just writing. The 1011 composition class lacked my interest. My experience in community service is limited but I have done some work. My sophomore year, I volunteered in the pharmacy at our local hospital. I really liked doing so because it corresponded with my interest in Pharmacy and currently is my major. Also, I have done quite a bit of yard work for the elderly and have gone carolling at many nursing homes. Other than that, I haven't done much work. But I'm excited to begin to volunteer again and perhaps I'll be able to volunteer at a hospital again.