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Black History Month

When I arrived at JSV on Monday, I was surprised to find as many kids as I did. Adam had forgotten to tell me that since the kids didn’t have school due to President’s Day, they decided to put on an event to celebrate black history month. First of all, why didn’t we have off of school? Secondly, I was really excited to participate because I think that it’s important for the kids to know who contributed to society today.
First off I helped finish the food and started to pass out the bingo cards to the kids. We played a different kind of bingo that related to the event. Instead of calling a number, we had a stack of cards that each had a description of a famous African American. The kids had to guess who it was and if the name was on their sheet, they could mark it. The first one to black-out their cards got a gift card so of course they were very competitive. I actually learned a lot about a lot of different people like George Washington Carver and Colin Powell. Then a few kids who helped set up the event spoke in front of everyone. The first boy read a story about what life would be like without black people. It really gave a great perspective on how many black inventors created things that we use today. If there weren’t black people we wouldn’t have combs, brushes, filiaments for light bulbs and etc. Also, two girls read some very powerful poems that stick in my mind. One of them described what it would be like if “you lived on my street?. It was very descriptive and went into detail about poverty, drug, gangs, and violence. I felt very sympathetic and emotional after hearing the poem because the girl was very expressive with her words. Another girl read a Maya Angelou poem. I love her poems and I once did a speech on her.
After the speeches, we ate! It was like a Thanksgiving meal and all the kids loved it! I helped stay after to clean up. I’m really glad I got to experience it. It was a really great way to get to know some of the kids and their parents. They’re all really great people and I know that I’m going to continue to love volunteering there.