September 25, 2006

Technology Integration Frame Work

It was interesting to see how the software evaluation was different depending on the frame work you were using. We used the NET.S and the RAT frame works to evaluate the software. While the NET.S seemed to indicate that the webquest we were looking at seemed to be a high level thinking project, the RAT indicated that it was, at the best, this webquest was a middle level thinking project. I have used RAT for the past week with software I had to evaluate forr my work and it has worked well. I was able to show people why the software they wanted was a good inquiry based item or not. This has helped us in ordering quality software. Why use RAT? I think it is a very simple frame work that even non-tech know peole can understand. However, this brings up a question? Which frame work is the best to use when looking at technology? How do you determine this? I like RAT, because it is simple to use, but am I missing a better frame work?

September 18, 2006

Mind Tools

I have been so busy I have not had the chance to post until now. One term I have learned in this class that I will be using from now on is the term "Mind Tools" to look at a piece of technology and how it is integrated into a classroom. I would think most the material you would want to integrate should be a "Mind Tool" . A teacher wants his/her lesson to cause a mind shift in the student. This can be learning and incooperate new material, making connections with different types of information and to apply new information to new settings. Only technology that helps the student do this can really be a "Mind Tool". Using RAT, I think, helps the teacher in evaluating their lesson to see if the technology they are using is a "Mind Tool". One question I have is if a piece of technology amplifies a lesson can it be considered a "MInd Tool"? I will ask this in class.

September 12, 2006

What is technology integration

Well I should be able to answer this since I am suppose to be the integration specialis in my district, but it is not that easy to do. When you see true technology integration you do not know it is really happening. True integration takes place seemlessly. Technology is a tool that should be integrated in such away that it is not novel after the first couple of times that a teacher and/ or a student uses the technology. Integration is not a one or two time experience. A person that is a good integrationist can tell when technology is needed to help improve student understanding of the concept or objective being learned. Technology integration helps increase the effectivness of learning.

September 11, 2006

Another article

If you have an ISTE membership the new Leading and Learning with technology has an article on constructivism in the classroom. The article address the use of webquest in the classroom. I have used these several times during a school year and these are very good inquiry type of activities. You need to be careful and look over the whole web quest, because there are bad ones out there and other things that say they are webquest but are not.

September 7, 2006

Jonassen Reading: "Computers as Mindtools for Engaging Learners in Critical Thinking"

I just finished reading the Jonassen article and wanted to make a few comments. Jonassen uses a term "constructivism" in his article. He stated technology should be a tool to help in creating a "constructivist" classroom. I really believe this is where true techology integration takes place. Technology should be a tool that students use to construct new knowledge or break down mistaken knowledge so they can build the new knowledge. There was a big push of towards constructivism in science in the 90's, but I was amazed how the technology still was "drill and kill". I think the push by constructivist (I count myself a believe in this idea) over the last 9 years has helped develop more technology that can be used as a constructivist tool. One has to be careful though, there are a lot of software that will say it promotes constructivism, but are a fancy drill and kill program.

September 5, 2006

Sept 5th Class

Other than being late, sorry, the class went very well. I was able to see software that I have wanted to look at, but did not have the time to do, thank you. It is nice to be around people who know how powerful technology can be in the classroom.

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