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The time has come for another inspirational blog post. Today I am going to discuss how the environmental agenda and inspiration come together. There are two topics that came to mind immediately, trends and tragedy. Both of which I will be discussing in further detail.

Trends seemed to be a good spot to start. Currently our society is going through a "green" phase. "Now how does this relate to inspiration?" you may be wondering, well, it is simple. People, more specifically designers, are looking at green design as inspiration. Perhaps it is for the couple that wants to remodel their home, instead of going right for the plastics they may want to look to nature. And now we have the ability to literally bring our inspiration from nature into our house/design. Before slate or granite tiles, copper sinks, doors made from recycled boxes, the list goes on. I think the biggest inspiration from the green trend can be seen at any grocery store or large retail store that has jumped on the ol' bandwagon. Check out this link here to see bags by clicking "Look Good: Our Product." It is interesting to see if this is truly a trend or if people are really being inspired by nature. Perhaps I am a cynic, but I think that like the neon colors of the 80s this trend too will fade. But only time will tell.

The other topic of environmentalism and inspiration occurs just after a tragedy. Recall the months after the gulf oil spill. Clearly this was an extremely tragic event and had a major effect on the environment. It was also an event that spurred many designs. The fundraiser t-shirt popped up everywhere.

In case you forgot:



It is interesting to see how an event such as this looks to design for relief. People could simply donate 20 bucks to a relief program, but a t-shirt as an incentive (inspiration) gets people excited. It also has the ability to raise awareness among others.

So now I am opening the table to you; agree/disagree, add/subtract, let me know what
you think.


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A common theme this semester in a lot of posts is that eco-friendliness is a trend. People have been concerned about our environment since we started polluting it way back when, but the "green trend" has escalated along with our global problems - more recently, smog in the 70's, acid rain in the 80's, ozone in the 80's and early 90's. Perhaps now that we have become more globally minded our problems have all lumped together and our concern for the environment becomes generalized; at the same time those concerned about more localized problems such as the gulf oil spill reach out with the help of the web. Design is a great way to raise awareness about problems such as these, unfortunately, sometimes things become trendy based on design alone and not the cause!

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