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When I think about the role that communication plays in my personal life, I think about the impact that design and technology have on this relationship. I think about how communication design has changed throughout my life and how it will continue to change in the future. Early on in my life, communication by use of the Internet was very new and not as essential in my lifestyle as it is now. At the time, MSN Messenger, was one of the only social distractions in my life. That, and my Hotmail account. For me, it was the beginning of this idea of being connected to someone without actually having to talk to him or her on my home phone or in person. I got my first cell phone when I was 16. It was a simple design, only used for phone calls and the few amount of text messages that I could send each month.

As I reflect on my interactions with these designed things, I realize that it was just the beginning of the way I would communicate in my life now. During the time I have been writing this blog post, I have checked my e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, went on YouTube, etc., both on my now updated touch-screen cell phone and my one-year-old MacBook. My ability to communicate through these designed objects and interfaces have practically changed the way I function and live. And it will continue to change the role it plays in my life as long as technology and communication keep on advancing. So now the question to ask is how will communication be present in our lives in the future?

I found an interesting YouTube video of a presentation that Microsoft created which demonstrates their vision for the future by the year 2019.

I found their future ambitions very intriguing, causing me to imagine how this would affect the way I will use communication in my life in less than ten years. What I found even more interesting was the parody video that came up after I watched this one. This next video allowed me to think about the effect of what this future might hold.

I understand that this video is probably making fun of Microsoft and their ability to actually make this a reality, but I found that some of the points made were extremely thought provoking. For example, the idea of having mental implants allowing us to see hallucinating icons or the idea of a newspaper crashing or getting a virus. Which brings me to my point that we heavily rely on these designed objects to communicate with each other and within our lives. I am not saying that I don't think we should design these interfaces, but we have to understand that we have adapted to them. If I can honestly say that the role of communication in my life is dependent on these innovations, how is this going to affect us ten years from now? We will never really be able to fully answer these questions until we experience it, but looking back at the trend over the years, it is worth thinking about.

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Another interesting article:


I thought the video making fun of Microsoft very funny! It's crazy to think how much communication has changed in the past ten years. I remember when my parents got their first cell phone and I got my first pager. they even make those anymore!? We didn't have facebook, twitter, and text messaging wasn't nearly as popular as it is now back how did we communicate with so many people? Yea, some of us have 2,000 friends on facebook, but did we really talk to that many people in person before facebook exsisted? It's doubtful. It seems like people have large social networks of friends but the number of people that they talk to in person...even on the phone everyday has decreased. It's scary to think about these kind of innovations and what technology holds for the future of communication and what happens to relationships between people because it seems we are talking to people less and less face to face and more and more through technology. Will there become a point where all we do is communicate to one another through technology?

I sort of wonder if it will even be possible to function in the future if you choose to neglect the new technology. Aside from going into the wilderness and living caveman style, I don't think you could! If in the future you have the option to follow a light-up arrow around instead of figuring out directions on your own, our ways of thinking will change completely. Imagine almost never having to think for yourself. It's wild to think about! My attachment to my cellphone now even scares me! I went a month without a cellphone this past summer and it was pretty difficult, but there are still people who do it and function fine. I am curious to see if that is still possible 50 years from now.

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