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I wasn't sure how I was going to connect these two thoughts for this blog post today, but then I began thinking about what (for the most part) what the end result of a project is: a finished graphic design piece and a paycheck. I started to wonder how the two were connected in terms of inspiration. Do the number on the paycheck affect the quality of the design. In other words does the price tag or budget attached to a design inspire better or worse design?
I feel like this can go so many ways; first I will play the con game. And say no, the budget doesn't affect the design. Good design is good design. It would be to say that a client who can't afford a project that would cost an insane amount wouldn't get your quality work. It is more a reflection of your character; and would reflect poorly upon you. Not to mention that it wouldn't be in your best interest at all to do low quality work, why wouldn't you do a your best design regardless the price tag. Money doesn't do the inspiring it merely set the parameters for what materials you can use and perhaps a timeline.
Now and the other side, I would say that 'yes' design is affected/inspired by budget and your paycheck. One way that I think it does in a big way is what the budget allows as far as materials go. Using French paper for a program versus using Office Max's card stock is going to make a large difference in the choices you make for colors, and how the ink goes onto the paper. Can you afford to have the business cards letter pressed? No, ok well maybe we need to pick a different typeface then. It is simple, but ultimately I think that we are inspired by finance when it comes to design. I don't think it is a bad thing at all, but something to be aware of.

Check out these links on costs of production and maybe comment on how you think they could inspire/affect your design:

250 sheets of 80lb. 8.5" x 11"
Smart White French Paper
$33.75 (plus shipping and handling)

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250 sheets of 80lb. 8.5" x 11"
Boise HD:P Color Copy Laser Paper
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I think that it mostly comes down to the name you are attaching to it. Saying that you printed it on French paper instead of Office max may be worth 20 bucks to someone and in a similar way to use French or Office Max may inspire someone differently.

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I think we are absolutely inspired by finance when it comes to design, and I think finances can kill inspiration. As students, we don't have huge budgets, and we may have this brilliant idea for this awesome project that is going to cost hundreds of dollars to produce. When the money is coming out of MY pocket, I'm going to scrap that idea.

Okay, so what about when the money is coming out of the client's pocket? We could try and talk them into spending more, because it would be worth it in the end, etc. Probably won't work. So does that mean that we need to limit our inspiration and creativity to the client's budget? Maybe. I feel like we always have to keep that in mind, and it's a hard thing. Money always plays a role -- it can inspire people to come up with creative, cheap alternatives, or it can crush someone's great inspiration.

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