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When it comes to distribution and my personal feelings about design I really wish there was a way to make it cheap, eco-friendly, AND beautiful. Unfortunately this would be a huge accomplishment if someone could actually achieve this! It's a conundrum I think most designers face every day. It's like Greg Pickman said is class a few weeks ago, "price, speed, quality...pick two." (except trade speed for eco-friendly) It's too bad we can't work in a world where this isn't the case.

I think I will face some difficult, moral situations in my future career as a designer. I would like to be able to educate my clients about eco-friendly design. I'd love to have the ability to say "no" to a job that is not friendly to the environment. If I can't, I hope I'll be able to delicately steer my client in a better direction at least.

Yesterday I got an email from the University about filling out my course evaluation online. I was shocked and happy to see that the U is taking a step towards being more eco-friendly. This method of distributing the evaluations is so obvious. I wish it had come about earlier. Things like this are what I hope to bring to my future career!


I often hear about the pick-two dilemma as well. It's possible that this attitude may be changing in some places, however. I attended an Ad-Fed event last winter, in which one of the representatives mentioned that in the advertising world, you can't just pick two anymore, but you must have all three: price, speed, and quality. I had never heard this before then, but I often wonder if this idea is spreading to other areas of design as well. Considering that Greg Pickman is still saying pick two, however, the idea must not be spreading very fast. Who knows? Maybe years from now the all-three idea WILL be implemented throughout the entire design world. One can only ask how we will be able to live up to that standard.

I also agree with you about the distribution of course evaluations online. Although the technology for sharing documents such as this has been readily available for the last few years, I think companies are finally starting to utilize it. Weather it be job postings on Twitter, online newspapers, or digital course-evaluations, I hope that we can start being conscious about our options and make eco-friendly decisions whenever possible and/or appropriate.

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