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Today I would like to discuss the use of social networks in reference to quantity. We are all aware of the impact of social media and it's here to stay. Social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all unique in their own way otherwise they wouldn't exist. Facebook is for people to keep in touch with friends and family, Twitter is beneficial for designers to here about new and exciting things that may be linked and following celebrities, while LinkedIn is strictly for business professional networking.


http://theroxor.com/2010/10/28/the-awesome-size-of-the-internet-infographic/ (photo)

In today's society it's all about social integration and bringing people together through virtual networks. Virtual networks make it extremely easy to become popular, all you have to do is post and update a lot, and it's that simple (source 1). These updates are not necessarily engaging, exciting, or even funny, but because users constantly update the viewers hear from them more often, causing them to view that person or profile as more popular. On the other side, this just refers to individual users not businesses. That doesn't go to say that the quantity of posts is not important for companies, however the quality needs to be utilized more deliberately. Companies should understand their followers and what they value, they should engage with them and watch their online profile growth rate improve (source 2).

On the downside of social media there is the manipulation of consumerism and trends. Because there are so many users of social media, companies are able to advertise their products, services, or messages at little to no cost and reach beyond their target markets. Most businesses would think this is a great thing, which it is for that companies profits, however I believe that in the long run this will hurt society as a whole. Yes, business will be booming meaning there are more jobs and more income for all, nonetheless the future will have even more consumer goods and junk to deal with that is potentially detrimental to our environment. I'm not going to preach about "green" but I'll leave you with this idea. Consumerism is a problem. Look at apple, it has such a devoted customer base that no matter what they release next, people will buy it. Here is an example of the merits of the HTC Evo 4G vs. the iPhone 4 video. WARNING: VULGAR LANGUAGE PRESENT IN CLIP.

Social networking is a magnificent tool; however as a society we need to be aware of it's power and be willing to look towards the seventh generation before we jump on the bandwagon of useless consumerism.

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