November 6, 2007

Bundle Up, Kids (the first entry)

Yesterday was the first of its kind this year-- the type of day when you wake up, get showered (or at least brush your teeth... come on now), put on your sweatshirt and walk outside, only to realize how insufficient that sweatshirt will be.

The wind bites at your neck; the cold travels down your spine and trickles down to your legs and feet.

"Crap", you think to yourself, "I really DO go to school in Minnesota".

Yes, good people, the transformation has begun. The transformation from my favorite time of year when you experience the smell and sound of crunchy leaves, last-minute yardwork preparation, and the excitement of a new school year starting.

We are marching into a slightly more dreary experience living in Minnesota-- the cold acting as a powerful reminder of how, above anything else, nature dictates our limitations. This is a time when Minnesotans are challenged to decide yet again how dedicated we are (and willing to admit) to being fans of the Vikings based on their current record on and off the field.

And yet, as we continue our progression into time, I can't help but look back into history-- our experience of change in this place is no different than a year ago; 10 years ago; 100 years ago. Adjusting to a new way of thinking and preparing for difficult times is the same now as it ever has been.

This is the first entry in a blog which I hope will be a fun and interesting reflection of living during a time of change in the city of Minneapolis-- a progressive city which holds its history so close to its core that past and future begin to develop a unique and intertwined relationship.

Cheers, friends. Here's to a cold winter.