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The Energy of Minneapolis

Blog Prompt #1
...inspired by Andy Goldsworthy (and our discussions), document and investigate, through text and image - this idea of energy, flow and transformation though the city.

As I walked out of my house tonight I was thinking about how dinner really was not satisfying and how all I wanted to do was to be in my hometown. A home cooked meal was really all I wanted at tgat moment. My house in Minneapolis is on University Avenue directly in front of the remains... or construction site of the 35W bridge. As soon as I walked out of my house, all thoughts of home were replaced with the amazing atmosphere of Minneapolis.
In my hometown, a western suburb, I walk out of my house to find a quiet small neighborhood with the silent night full of stars. There is a different energy in Minneapolis though. While my hometown goes to sleep for the night, my city awakes with enthusiasm. In the foreground, construction continues all night. It lights up the area, showing the movement and animation below. The energy never wavers for the continuing night construction with shouts and sounds of machines. Moving farther on, the eye catches smoke stacks still at work and then on to the city itself. Beautiful Minneapolis with it's neverending energy. To me, the city never looks the same twice. Tonight, it was crowned by the fine particles of pollution that were warned about in a health advisory to students today. Other days, it looks calm and peaceful or stoic and harsh in the morning light.
My homesickness vanished as I thought about how no one should take for granted the beauty of man's skill and ingenuity... not only of the remarkable view of such an immense skyline but of the feelings, emotions, and memories it creates. Whether from my close panorama or from the tallest point in my hometown twenty five miles away, Minneapolis still evokes the same energy, flow, and transformation.
My little part of the city is transforming a lot due to the collapse of the bridge. Constant construction. Our view from the window changes daily. The new bridge will give new energy flow to the area. After a heartfelt loss, our neighborhood needs something to remind us of the loss besides a large gaping hole or cranes and bulldozers. Our neighborhood is excited for the memorial that functions as a new and improved bridge and walkway for students.