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Art Guild Does It Slowly

Art Auction cancelled, D'Art Sale next Thursday, and Art Displays oh my!

Due to poor planning and timing, the first ever Fall Art Auction has been cancelled. We've decided to regroup and focus on a very successful followup to our last March auction next March.

David Hodges of the Duluth Art Institute has been contacted about the collaborative video project in the Depot rotunda room.

The Art Guild display case is slowly developing. Keep bringing more stuff to shove inside!

Art Guild is helping Joellyn Rock's D'ART Shop on Thursday, December 6th. Sign up for cash box help times!

10:00-11 Cathy Hesch
11:00-12 Cathy Hesch
12:00-1 Topher McCulloch
1:00-2 Topher McCulloch
2:00-3 Rachel Krambeer
3:00-4 Rachel Krambeer

at the Tweed Museum of Art
University of Minnesota Duluth

D'ART SHOP will feature digital arts+crafts gift items
made by UMD students to benefit SDO and Art Guild!

4pm - 7pm Tuesday Dec 4th
10am - 4pm Wednesday Dec 5th
10am - 4pm Thursday Dec 6th

This year shop at D'ART for that truly unique gift!