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Three Ways to Fly: New Work by Carla Stetson

This Thursday, February 14th, from 5-7pm Carla Stetson will have an opening at the Duluth Art Institute. The exhibition runs February 7 – April 29, 2008.

"Duluth artist Carla Stetson will be installing her piece, The Red Line, in the Great Hall of the Depot along with other mixed media work in the Steffl Gallery. The Red Line is composed of over 200 red dresses arranged around a central quilt and assembled in relation to the architectural space. Viewers will be able to see the installation from below — gazing up as they enter the Hall — and from above, as they look out from the balcony of the Steffl Gallery. From all perspectives, this mass of lively red color suspended high in the air will allow viewers to experience the physicality of the large space in a completely new way. The space is experienced in relation to the scale of a human body as represented by the individual dresses. The mass of fabric hangings will also affect the acoustics of the Great Hall creating a sound component of the exhibition for those visitors familiar with the building.

In addition, Stetson will show related smaller mixed media works in the Steffl Gallery, including a 25’ wide by 8’ tall hanging made of black and white fabric that references sewing as constructive activity, a task Stetson learned from her mother and grandmother." (from the Duluth Art Institute website)