December 18, 2007

more thoughts?

If anyone has more thoughts on yesterday's dialog or censorship and response to art in general, Joellyn Rock has set up a blog for just those thoughts.

December 14, 2007


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It never ends!

Art Guild makes frontpage of News Tribune... sort of

Today's Duluth News Tribune carries a front page article entitled "Different Interpretations", which cites a recent difference of opinion over Neal Peterson's graduate exhibit in the Tweed student gallery as well as the Art Guild display case flap.

"Cries of censorship were heard this week at the University of Minnesota Duluth after a graduate art student’s exhibit at the Tweed Museum of Art was shut down for a day because of explicit content.
That came on the heels of controversy over a student art club’s display case and its use of a small nude mannequin some perceived as a child."

Check it out. Registering to see articles is free.

December 7, 2007

Art is dangerous; yes, it can never be chaste, if it's chaste, it's not art.
-Pablo Picasso

December 5, 2007

Child Pornography, Art or Dummy?

"Spiritual America, 1983, Ektacolor photograph, edition of 10, Copyright Richard Prince, Courtesy Richard Prince and Gladstone Gallery

Jesse McBride, 1976. Gelatin-silver print, 20 x 16 inches. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Gift, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, 1995. 95.4308. © The Estate of Robert Mapplethorpe.

The topmost image is of a young Brooke Shields taken by Richard Prince. Next is a work by Mapplethorpe. Both are well-known and respected artists as well as accused child pornographers.

John Cooper, an English "leading criminal barrister" lays out some factors for deciding whether or not it's art or child porn:
"It's important to look at the circumstances surrounding the images. For instance: How old is the child? Have the photos been taken in vulnerable circumstances---in other words was there an element of exploitation involved?
...Another factor could be what kind of photographer took the pictures. If they are known to have a good reputation, then this will be relevant too."

(Taken from Culture Grrl)

We know the artists are well-known, and therefore, not venerable artmakers, not pornographers, but does the public?

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