February 11, 2008

Three Ways to Fly: New Work by Carla Stetson

This Thursday, February 14th, from 5-7pm Carla Stetson will have an opening at the Duluth Art Institute. The exhibition runs February 7 – April 29, 2008.

"Duluth artist Carla Stetson will be installing her piece, The Red Line, in the Great Hall of the Depot along with other mixed media work in the Steffl Gallery. The Red Line is composed of over 200 red dresses arranged around a central quilt and assembled in relation to the architectural space. Viewers will be able to see the installation from below — gazing up as they enter the Hall — and from above, as they look out from the balcony of the Steffl Gallery. From all perspectives, this mass of lively red color suspended high in the air will allow viewers to experience the physicality of the large space in a completely new way. The space is experienced in relation to the scale of a human body as represented by the individual dresses. The mass of fabric hangings will also affect the acoustics of the Great Hall creating a sound component of the exhibition for those visitors familiar with the building.

In addition, Stetson will show related smaller mixed media works in the Steffl Gallery, including a 25’ wide by 8’ tall hanging made of black and white fabric that references sewing as constructive activity, a task Stetson learned from her mother and grandmother." (from the Duluth Art Institute website)

January 27, 2008

Ten Artists, One Weekend

Jen Dietrich
Eric Dubnicka
Adu Gindy
Russ Gran
Terry Millikan
Chris Monroe
Cecilia Ramon
Wendy Rouse
Bill Shipley
Carla Stetson

Washington Gallery
Februry 1–3rd, 2008

The opening reception will be Friday, February 1st 6–9pm. Many of the artists are UMD faculty members or associated with the Tweed Museum of Art.

Should be a pretty sweet show.

December 14, 2007

Chris Monroe Holiday Art Party!


December 1, 2007

Emerging Into the Next Century

Dec 6, 2007 – Mar 2, 2008
Emerging Into the Next Century
George Morrison Gallery
Opening Reception, Thurs, Dec 6, 5 – 7 PM
Artist Dialogue, Thurs, Dec 13, 6 – 7 PM

As the Duluth art institute looks to its next century as an organization, we want to highlight the work of emerging artists exploring the artistic mediums that will be at the core of what we will recognize as art in the near and distant future.

This exhibition will be focused on nine area emerging artists (Tonya Borgeson, David Bowen, Michael Cousino, Jeffrey Dugan, Crystal L. Meisinger, Wanda J. Pearcy, Michael R. Smith, Eun-Kyung Suh, and Art Guilder Megan Tengwall)—particularly those involved in contemporary mediums such as sound art, multi-disciplinary work, digital art, and new media.

Many emerging artists are working in mediums that do not always get wide play in the gallery setting. This is an opportunity to afford that exposure and to highlight our commitment to the emerging artists of our region.

November 29, 2007

Merging Artists Tomorrow!

Jennie Lennick, Ginny Maki and Megan Tengwall will have work in a show
at the North End Art Gallery Friday & Saturday.
North End Art Gallery
(above the Red Mug Coffeehouse)
916 Hammond Ave
Old City Hall in Superior
Friday November 30th 5-8 & Saturday Dec 1st 10-4:00

Check it out!
Jennie, Ginny & Megan

November 17, 2007

Show your work at DTCU!

Duluth Teachers Credit Union (DTCU) offers an exciting opportunity for local artists to display their works in our lobbies each month.

We are looking for artists for the upcoming year for our 2 office lobbies.

We have the adjustable Walker Display system for hanging framed prints. We also have countertop/table displays for pottery and other forms of art.

Artists may have prices on their works but we ask that the potential buyer contact artist directly to process the sale.

We also contact the local papers to announce the show in our lobby as well as have a write up about the artist in our quarterly newsletter.

DTCU has a lot of traffic coming through our lobbies making this an excellent opportunity for the public to see artists’ works.

Anyone interested in displaying please contact
Brian at 218-722-9242 ext 210.


Brian Thompson
Marketing/Communications Director

October 10, 2007


"The offbeat gallery (The Soap Factory)...has the scariest public basement in southeast Minneapolis"
Mary Abbe, Star Tribune 9/13/07

"You ain't seen nothin' yet..."
The Soap Factory

Beginning October 19, The Soap Factory will open its doors to it's notoriously creepy basement for the most legitimately scary haunted house in Minneapolis. Designed by local artists Chris Pennington and Aaron Wojak, the raw confines of The Soap Factory's undeveloped basement will provide a Halloween experience unlike any other. Groups will explore the 120-year-old basement with only the light of their handheld lanterns to guide them. This event is 18+ and a waiver must be signed before entering...that's how scary it is.

The Soap Factory
518 2nd Street SE
Minneapolis 55414

OCT 19th - OCT 31st
7:00PM until 10:30PM
Important note: closed October 27th for private party

Signed Waiver required

Cost: $10
All proceeds go to keeping The Soap Factory alive and well.

The Soap Factory is dedicated to the production, presentation and promotion of emerging contemporary practice across the visual arts. Committed to experimentation and risk-taking, The Soap Factory offers audiences a real and immediate experience of the arts and encourages a wider understanding of and appreciation for artists and their work.

September 9, 2007


UMD Professor David Bowen is included in this exhibition. It might make a fun weekend trip to see. The Soap Factory is also an excellent venue to get work shown at as an emerging and even student artist.

The Soap Factory proudly Presents Host
Curated By Elizabeth M. Grady

September 8 - October 21, 2007

Opening Saturday September 8th 7-11 pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Alejandro Almanza Pereda, William R. Bergman, China Blue, David Bowen, Tracey Goodman, Erik Shorrock Guzman, Wade Kavanaugh, José Enrique Krapp, Caitlyn Masley, Panayiotis Michael, Derick Melander, Jeffrey Morrison, Jason Peters, Meridith Pingree, Jenny Polak, David Politzer and Carol Salmanson

At the intersection between the private and public spheres we experience social and emotional tensions. Venturing into shared spaces, like the remarkable building and site of The Soap Factory, we may follow or resist pre-set paradigms of speech and behavior. The motion, interactivity, and participatory nature of the work in Host refers metaphorically to such daily choices, encouraging a heightened awareness of the impact of one's actions on broader patterns of economic, political and societal relations. The installations explore that impact by drawing on the energy of the galleries and their occupants in the form of movement, light, and sound. Often addressing current events or ongoing social conundrums - like immigration or global warming - the artists create works that are often paradoxically hopeful, as they offer us spaces for contemplation and tools for coping, balancing an awareness of risk and a need for refuge. However, the art is far from limited by a single political perspective or framework, and many of the works point humorously or pensively toward the idiosyncrasies and foibles of our human condition. In this way the exhibition explores universal conflicts between the self and society, between individual urges and accommodation to the demands of living in the outside world.

Art Attack: A Subversive Art Event

This is a great chance to show some work for free (Art Guild: It's just another line on your resume).

Art Attack: A Subversive Art Event
Thursday, September 20, 2007
DAI Lincoln Center
2229 W. 2nd St.
5-7 pm

Art Attack is a spontaneous exhibition targeted at the young underground and outsider artists of the area. Artists are invited to bring a single piece of art to install or present in or around the Lincoln Center Gallery. All visual and alternative art mediums such as fashion and performance art are encouraged. Musicians and poets are also welcome. There are no restrictions to size or content, we only ask that the property of the DAI is not damaged or defaced in any way. Creative spontaneity is the goal of this event.

A small reception will be provided by the Duluth Art Institute. Artists and event-goers are also welcome to bring potluck food to share. Bring your favorite food art!

The event will be promoted primarily through alternative information vehicles such as blogs, email, flyers at alternative gathering places, and ads in local zines. Conceptually more related to “tagging? than to the salubrious atmosphere of the usual DAI opening, Art Attack will also runs the risk of being even more fun!