December 11, 2007

Minutes for December 11

Word on the street is Ms. V likes Aaron's response to the complainant... she suggested that we post the response on the display case.

Toph emailed David Hodges at the institute and we just need to contact him so he can look at what we want to do there.

Jack Bowman just stopped by to say hello. He has not forgotten about Art Guild.
Luckily he is far too busy to care about our display case bologna.

For Next semester lets focus on the following:

***Legit election
***One main focus- make it clear, make it known- Make good posters
***Faculty studio tours
***more interactions with Faculty staff meetings (just let Jane know and she can put us on the agenda)

November 27, 2007

Art Guild Does It Slowly

Art Auction cancelled, D'Art Sale next Thursday, and Art Displays oh my!

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November 20, 2007

Minutes for November 20th


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November 14, 2007

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, Nov 13th

Great turnout for the meeting today with a lot to talk about. Some woman from an internship.. thing.. from the cities also stopped by and discussed with us some Higher education opportunities....

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November 6, 2007

Minutes: November 6th

Discussion covered during the November 6th meeting:
-Art Auction
-DAI video project
-MPLS trip
-Display case

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October 30, 2007

October, 30th 2007

Today we received our 'Art Collective' discount card!!!

We made 143.06 at our craft sale! Positive balance... and that's great

We discussed doing a trip to MPLS this fall, but we didn't make any plans.... so anyone else want to step up to the plate and organize it! SUZANNE

Zine on SPAM needs to be in 2 weeks from today!

Art Discussion group... discussion: still in planning stages... Topher will get more information....

Depot discussion: Show in the Rotunda room: we have decided that it would be most suiting to create a video piece to be projected onto the Rotunda walls. This meeting will be spent discussing possible ideas...
Video Exquisite Corpse
Connected video piece
to work on this we can use the projection gallery in the tweed and the photo area as long as there isn't class going on (Thanks Dugan).
Possible themes: fear, repetition, art world encounters. Addictions: Vices...........
so people talking into the screen seems to be the majority vote on subject matter. We need to think simple and we need to think about time restraints. How long are people going to look at this piece? How will we engage the audience if they walk into the video when some amount of time has already elapsed. NO LINEAR BEGINNING OR END.
Eavesdropping. Video and surveilance (sp?)
Conscious engagement of people- no words said, but all we do is stare. But a slight smile or glimpse to catch the viewers attention.*** I like this idea (yeilds the viewer to feel some kind of self-consciousness as they are responding to these images). the title of this piece is going to help to make it much more powerful.

October 23, 2007

Meeting Minutes: October 23, 2007

Today marked the first day of our Art Guild Craft sale!
With great sales of about 30 bucks!

We are trying to set up a book-binding workshop sometime soon, Art Guild funded! This would take place during our regular meeting time and in our regular meeting space!

Faculty studio tours need to be set up sometime soon. Any faculty members that you are interested in seeing their work, let us know so we can arrange it!

Everyone should be brainstorming some great ideas for Art Guild performance pieces. Some suggestions are in-lounge pieces outside of the Tweed, flipping over furniture in 1st floor ABAH so the stupid music kids don't sit there and be loud...etc. Post suggestions as you come up with them


and my birthday is tomorrow :)

The Zine has been produced and that is very exciting// lets discuss ideas for our next Zine production:
-the dictionary
-SPAM e-mail illustrations (something about the King of Zubowea)***********
So SPAM e-mail is the winner

Please have your Zine page ready for November 13th! Deadline!

"Slip it into the bag"

Suzanne says no to a hug from James...awkward (said in a half sung high falsetto)

Round room. projection idea is liked
going with circular theme possibly or even googlie eyes.
giant puppets

Meeting Minutes: October 16th, 2007

Thanks to all who came out to the meeting last Tuesday, it was nice to see some new faces. Basic order to attend to:

Preparations for our Art Guild Craft sale are in full force! Last meeting we met up afterwards and made some great hand-made crafts. The following Sunday we met up at Suzanne's house

September 18, 2007

Minutes for 9/18/07

Art Guild still needs to be officially registered. E-mails will be sent.

Art Guild is creating another zine. Themes discussed were Halloween, living environment (dorm, apartment, etc) and "that crazy radio guy." We will each be creating a 5.5" x 8.5" b+w page about "that guy" to photocopy in a limited edition of 50 as promotional pieces for Art Guild. Submission deadline is October 15.

We will be making crafts for a fundraising event sometime in October. We might be having the sale in front of the Tweed if fundraising is no longer allowed in front of the Kirby Bookstore.

Meeting posters are being designed for next week. The required information is as follows:
Art Guild
Meets every Tuesday @ 4pm in the Tweed Museum
E-mail or visit for more information.

You can edit the wording, but all of that content needs to be somehow involved.

We are planning a trip to Minneapolis. Sometime. Need to look into getting free admission.

We might have a zine release party following the completion of the zine.