May 7, 2008

Emerging Photographers Exhibition

March 6 – June 24, 2008
Corridor Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, May 9 5–7pm

Works by James Cook*, Kristi LeMair, Chelsey Jamesen, Jennie Lennick*, Christina Labey, Topher McCulloch*

Our work with the photo department at the University of Minnesota Duluth has had great advantages for both institutions. As an outgrowth of last year’s exhibition process we have established an annual event where the DAI is able to have a hand in the formation of the next generation of emerging artists to work in our community.

The work of these student photographers transcends the usual perception of “student work" and their ability to participate competently in this type of exhibition reflects highly on the strength of the photography program in the Department of Art and Design at UMD.

*Art Guild Members

February 11, 2008

Three Ways to Fly: New Work by Carla Stetson

This Thursday, February 14th, from 5-7pm Carla Stetson will have an opening at the Duluth Art Institute. The exhibition runs February 7 – April 29, 2008.

"Duluth artist Carla Stetson will be installing her piece, The Red Line, in the Great Hall of the Depot along with other mixed media work in the Steffl Gallery. The Red Line is composed of over 200 red dresses arranged around a central quilt and assembled in relation to the architectural space. Viewers will be able to see the installation from below — gazing up as they enter the Hall — and from above, as they look out from the balcony of the Steffl Gallery. From all perspectives, this mass of lively red color suspended high in the air will allow viewers to experience the physicality of the large space in a completely new way. The space is experienced in relation to the scale of a human body as represented by the individual dresses. The mass of fabric hangings will also affect the acoustics of the Great Hall creating a sound component of the exhibition for those visitors familiar with the building.

In addition, Stetson will show related smaller mixed media works in the Steffl Gallery, including a 25’ wide by 8’ tall hanging made of black and white fabric that references sewing as constructive activity, a task Stetson learned from her mother and grandmother." (from the Duluth Art Institute website)

September 23, 2007

The T-Shirt Show: New Works by Chris Monroe

(reposted from the starbucks bulletin board. image stolen from perfect duluth day)

September 9, 2007

Art Attack: A Subversive Art Event

This is a great chance to show some work for free (Art Guild: It's just another line on your resume).

Art Attack: A Subversive Art Event
Thursday, September 20, 2007
DAI Lincoln Center
2229 W. 2nd St.
5-7 pm

Art Attack is a spontaneous exhibition targeted at the young underground and outsider artists of the area. Artists are invited to bring a single piece of art to install or present in or around the Lincoln Center Gallery. All visual and alternative art mediums such as fashion and performance art are encouraged. Musicians and poets are also welcome. There are no restrictions to size or content, we only ask that the property of the DAI is not damaged or defaced in any way. Creative spontaneity is the goal of this event.

A small reception will be provided by the Duluth Art Institute. Artists and event-goers are also welcome to bring potluck food to share. Bring your favorite food art!

The event will be promoted primarily through alternative information vehicles such as blogs, email, flyers at alternative gathering places, and ads in local zines. Conceptually more related to “tagging? than to the salubrious atmosphere of the usual DAI opening, Art Attack will also runs the risk of being even more fun!