March 30, 2006

3/28 Meeting Highlights

The time is now to elect officers for next year's Honors Student Association. In the past our organization has suffered from a lack of continuity, but after an active semester we hope to change things for the better permanently. If you, or anyone you know would like to become an officer for this organization, please send us your nominations with a brief bio (for those who don't know everyone). We need a new President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Get your nominations together and e-mail Adrianne as soon as possible.

Once we get all of the nominations together, we will send out a ballot to the group which will also include choices for our new HSA logo and motto!

The honors student association is planning a trip to the Twin Cities. Our tentative date is to leave the morning of Saturday, April 29th and return Sunday afternoon. If you're interested and have any ideas for activities, please respond as soon as you can to as soon as possible. Feel free to talk about ideas here too. We need to get an idea of numbers to figure out what our budget will allow for events. Thank you!

March 1, 2006

2/28 Meeting Highlights

Things are moving! We are 90% certain that Minnesota Secretary of State, Mary Kiffmeyer, has agreed to speak at our banquet. We are looking at either Friday, April 7 or Friday, April 21. Social hour will begin at 5:00pm followed by dinner at 6:00 and Mary Kiffmeyer speaking at 7:00pm. Keep checking for updates and be on the watch for invitations in the mail.

We are hoping to take a field trip to Chicago, and we have discussed the symphony, art institute, and medieval times as possibilities. A service-related activity of working at a soup kitchen or taking an "urban tour" has been mentioned as well.

Movie night is next week! Details to follow, but we are likely going to have it 6-9:00 or so in Kirby Student Center 333 (across from the Dining Center; where the weekly meetings are held). Everyone bring your favorite movie and we can vote on which one to watch. Snacks will be provided.

February 23, 2006

2/21 Meeting Highlights

Sadly, we are unable to get Minnesota Senator Becky Lourey to come speak for our banquet, so we are once again open to suggestions for speakers. We have also considered simply having a meet and greet dinner with Chancellor Kathryn Martin, the Deans of all the colleges, and honors faculty. We are aiming for a date in early April, and we appreciate your input.

We are also planning a group honors field trip (expense paid) to Minneapolis or possibly Chicago. If you know of any performances, concerts, speakers, etc. that are coming up, let us know! Either come to next week's meeting or post here on the blog. We know not everybody can make it to meetings, but if you post here, we will be sure to bring up your input.

Up 'til Dawn is this Saturday, so if you can help, please do, otherwise send us addresses of people we can write to requesting donations for St. Jude's Children's hospital. More information is available at the St. Jude's website and at the Up 'til Dawn Facebook group. The event takes place in the Kirby Game Room on Saturday at 10-4, and once you finish writing your letters, you are welcome to free pizza and games.

If anyone has last minute logo or motto suggestions please submit them. We will be putting together a final list for voting within the next week.

Apparently we can have a movie night, so a Date With Honors will be rescheduled shortly.