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Energy in Midtown Market


The Midtown Global Market, located on Lake Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is overflowing with energy of various sorts. In general, energy could be described as being active. Being full of energy would indicate a high level of activitiy. At the Midtown Global Market, energy is present and active in many different forms.

Before I go into further detail, it would be best to describe the layout of the space so as to create a background for the energy that fills it up. The market is spread out on the first floor of the Midtown Market building. As an empty space, I would describe it as wide open, with few partional walls. There are great windows on some of the exteror walls, allowing natural light to filter inward. The height of the space is relatively significant. In fact, I don't even recall the presence of a ceiling, which made the atmosphere almost outdoors-like.

Energy has been created to fill this space by adding things such as intensly bright color to the walls, upbeat music that carries wall to wall, modest size shops that welcome face-to-face interaction with the shop owners, and aromas that have been carried across seas to reach our senses. From a visual perspective, the shopper's eyes are entertained with the numerous styles and decor set up by each of the shops. Each shop or food vendor is unique because their products are unique to the country they represent.

Shop owners and food vendors can use these energies in the forms of taste, sight, smell, and sound to better market their wares to the consumers. The energetic atmosphere entraps shoppers by amusing them - keeping them curous about what might be around the next corner. Hence, the energy of the Midtown Global Market serves as a marketing/sales tool and in exchange consumers buy their products and experience cultures different from their own - that perhaps they wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to experience elsewhere.