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Hidden in the heart of Plymouth, Minnesota, the Millenium Garden is a treat for the senses. Whether you go alone or with a friend, the tranquility of the garden erases the anxiety of everyday life and brings one back into touch with nature and one's inner self.

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The genius loci , or "spirit of place" found at the Millenium Garden can be described as a peaceful retreat. It is a retreat because the garden is encircled by walking and biking trails that stem from local neighborhoods and unite at this oasis, located in the middle of a large wetland preservation area, enveloped in fields of tall grass. It is a stark contrast to the nearby neverending zoom of vehicles and people rushing here and there.

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The main entrance provides an axial view through the center of the garden. Numerous pathways, concrete, gravel, and wood chip, invite you to experience the garden from a variety of standpoints. This park is not one you want to briskly walk through. Benches and wide ledges dotted around the garden allow visitors the chance to take in the auditory and visual experience at the pace they desire.

Even though the atmosphere has a calming effect on its visitors it is still full of life. Melodies radiate from no obvious source, as speakers are hidden within retaining walls and under planters, leaves are heard rustling from the trees planted around the gardens, small ponds bubble to life with goldfish hiding amongst the lillypads, and fountains, both large and small, drown out the buzz of daily life.

The garden is unique, in that it reverses the tendency of humans to overtake nature. Visitors talk in whispers as a natural response to the tranquility of the garden. It is the sounds of nature that speak loudly.

The Millenium Gardens welcomes the playfullness we experienced in childhood. Statues of children emmersed in nature experiences are scattered throughout the garden. They capture children studying, playing and working in the natural environment. The "Butterfly Park" attracks the flightly creatures we all chased in our youth. Short bridges connecting one section of the garden to another invite people to hop across them.

The true genius loci of the Millenium Garden can not be experienced from the computer screen. If you'd like to really appreciate the spirit the garden contains, use the link below to get a map to the this secret haven.

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