January 24, 2008

Week One - Oaxaca

I´ve now been in Oaxaca for 3 days and am still having difficulty shaking the dreamlike feeling I have once arriving here in Mexico. So far we have been taken care of very well by the professors and hotel staff at the location we are staying, Las Mariposas. Our hotel room is a studio apartment, with the typical red tile flooring, bright yellow walls adorned with mariposas (butterflies), and ceiling constructed with tiles and roof beams, laid out in four barrel vaults stretching overhead.

I have to say, I am feeling a bit spoiled. They cook us breakfast, make our beds, clean our bathrooms, and then we are served some of the best Mexican food down the street in a little restaurant called Maria´s...something or another. Somewhere in between we have get lectures and are off on our own to do homework. Of course, I cram in any exploring I can get!

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