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March 26, 2007

Sony HDR-HC7 camcorder review

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Camcorderinfo has a nice (as usual) review up of the HDR-HC7. The verdict? Sounds like maybe the Canon HV20 is the right choice in the "small-non-professional-HDV-not-AVCHD-camcorder" market ...

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What kind of dynamic range do these camcorders get?

Posted by: HDR at June 8, 2007 7:52 AM

what is the range of the product

Posted by: seomaster at August 10, 2007 5:48 AM

The product range? You obviously don't know what I am referring to!

Posted by: HDR at September 28, 2007 8:32 PM

Great Review!

Posted by: okinawa at March 18, 2009 5:24 AM