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April 16, 2007

NAB should have more sleep

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Day one of the expo. Even though I've been in the hall for the last two days, it's still a shock to see all those people and all those booths.

A few highlights from the day. First off, Scopebox had a lot of traffic, which was nice.

The Focus rep basically admitted that I should just throw away my FS4ProHDs and buy FS-Cs. Jerk. Then a bunch of customers came up and started ranting about how bad their support sucks. That was nice.

The new Bogen 501HDV head is really rather nice.

The Sachtler Artemis is as cool as I thought it would be.

The Telestream plugin for Compressor 3 is actually a whole module, not just an export component. Looks like you get job segmenting and everything. Rad.

The AJA Io HD is as nice as you expect it to be.

That's all I can type right now. Time to die.

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