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June 5, 2007

New MacBookPros, hoorah

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Apple released new 15" and 17" MacBook Pros today. Plenty of upgrades: Santa Rosa chips, 2gigs of ram standard, Geforce 8600M GPUs. The 15" gets LED backlighting, while the 17" gets the option for a higher res screen - 1920x1200, the same as the 23" cinema displays. That's a really huge feature, both for folks working with video (it means you can view 1080i at 1:1 resolution) and for normal users. Personally, I find the 23" has just about enough screen realestate to productively multitask, so I'm excited about that many pixels in a laptop.

I'll be very excited to see LED backlighting in person as well, as it's supposed to be pretty beautiful. The 15" also picks up a little extra runtime thanks to the lower power backlighting, so Apple estimates 6 hours of battery life. Nice.

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