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September 11, 2007

The brilliance of iPhoneSimFree

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So, say you're a company that intends to market a software product whose primary audience is the hacker set. You know that your product will be instantly reverse engineered, recoded and rereleased. But you'd still like to make a buck. How do you do it?

Generate huge buzz (and it doesn't get much bigger than "software iPhone unlock!"), stall for 6 weeks, while leaking out more and more proof that you really did what you said you did, and then require prepayment before releasing the software. Churn out a few thousand presales at $50+ per copy. Release the software to much joy. Gather up the money for 24 hours.

Then the hackers release their version, and you go on an extended, well earned vacation.


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Hi, I've just read your post. However, I've just received a news that unlocking the iPhone could harm it too, it would damage the phone. I've posted the news at

Posted by: DoubleDT at September 25, 2007 1:21 AM