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July 24, 2008

A load of Batman stories

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I haven't had a chance to see 'The Dark Knight' yet, but StudioDaily has three really excellent articles about the post process that the movie went through.

For those that don't know, large chunks of the movie were shot on IMAX and in fact in an IMAX theater the film switches between 35mm and IMAX shots. This was the first hollywood film to integrate significant IMAX, and the post workflow is pretty incredible - my favorite quote:

“Filmmakers increasingly want us to work in 4K, and that used to be a big deal,� he says, and then laughs. “After working on 5.6 and 8 resolution, 4K is proxy resolution.�

Anyways, check out the articles:
Delivering 8K VFX Shots for the Dark Knight
IMAXimizing the Dark Knight
Marrying IMAX and 35mm in The Dark Knight

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