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November 17, 2008

In search of the holy grail

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Andy Ihnatko has a review comparing the Kodak Zi6 and Flip Mino HD. It's very thorough, though I'm not sure I agree with the conclusions.

In truth, comparing image quality on these is almost pointless, as they're all kind of crummy. They both have terrible rolling shutter effects, way too much sharpening and strange tonal reproduction. I think it's more about ease of use, feature sets, etc.

The things I like about the Zi6 are the ability to switch to SD mode, the ability to take stills, and the support for memory cards. The macro switch is rad as well. Things I don't like? The lack of a "recording time left" indicator, the strange battery life and the horrid audio on my example.

Follow the jump for my chart of how things stack up. Ugh! I'm including the Sanyo, because it records in QT-Native files, unlike the other cameras in its price range, which record AVCHD. Otherwise, I'd throw the Canon Vixia series in as well, as a very strong contender.

CameraPriceRecording MediumSD ModeHD ModeMac-NativeFlip out USBMic InputAudio QualityOptical ZoomBattery Life
Flip Ultra$129InternalXXdecent2 hours (AA)
Flip Mino$159InternalXXdecent4 hours (rechargeable)
Flip Mino HD$229InternalXXXdecent2 hours (rechargeable)
Kodak Zi6$199Internal and SDXXXXpoor to decent1 hour? (AA)
Sanyo Xacti HD1010$599SDXXXXdecentX2 hours (rechargeable)

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