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December 8, 2008

SD cards in the XdcamEX cams, now even easier

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A fellow named Ross Herewini posted on DVInfo today, announcing a line of SD card to ExpressCard adapters that are purpose built to fit in the EX1/EX3 cams. One of the downsides of the previous solutions was that you had to leave the cardslot door open, potentially exposing the camera to dirt, etc.

He's not taking orders quite yet, but it looks like they'll be about $50. Throw in a $31 16gig Transcend SDHD card. Pocket the $700 savings over SXS cards.

Only downside is that you can't overcrank beyond about 40fps, but you can always keep an SXS card around for that.

 Conf Attachments Sony-Xdcam-Ex-Cinealta 9995D1228737851-Sdhc-Substitute-Sxs-Cards-Image1

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I mate,

Just saw your question on DVInfo about XxS with the EX30 but no responses. I have read at least one user report of KxS working with an EX30.

Hope this helps
Feel free to email, I couldn't see a link to email you so I posted in this for you.



Posted by: Guy Barwood at December 24, 2008 1:37 AM