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October 21, 2009

XDCam EX gets some friends

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Sony has announced a couple new additions to the XDCamEX family - the PMW-350 and the PMW-EX1R.

The 350 is a shouldermount camera with interchangeable lenses and 2/3" chips. That puts it somewhere between the 1/2" PDW-F355 and the 2/3" 4:2:2 PDW-700.

Sony Pmw-350 Angle Med

The EX1R is a minor bump to the EX1, adding features that users have asked for, like a dedicated viewfinder and a DVCam recording mode.

For me, the most interesting bit of news is that Sony is launching the "MEAD-MS01," an SXS to MemoryStick adapter. I guess Sony noticed that many EX1 and EX3 users have been using SD adapters, and decided to get into that market. And of course, they had to use everyone's least favorite flash format, Memorystick. I'll stick to my SD cards for now, but it's nice to see Sony "legitimize" that recording option a bit.

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