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This blog is intended to provide updates about the MediaMill project (http://mediamill.cla.umn.edu). I'll try to post here when changes are made to the site, or when I want to discuss future directions.

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Colin, this is great. Say, could there be some possible tie ins between Media Mill and UThink? I would definitely be open to making more known the hosting possibilites offered by Media Mill for UThink use. It is is possible. Will Media Mill be available outside of CLA?

Hey Shane - We're still discussing ways in which Media Mill can be opened to a wider audience, and I think that will come at some point.

In the short term, one feature we're hopefully only a few weeks away from rolling out is a dynamic flash player, so that you could easily embed your videos from Media Mill into your blog. It'll be sort of YouTube-ish. Once we've got the backend on that all set to go, there may be ways we could make it even more userfriendly for folks to show their videos on their UThink blogs.

Awesome! That sounds great. It would be wonderful to keep this kind of creative output inhouse. I look forward to seeing more! I'll keep an eye out ...

This is such great news! I can't wait to be able to use
Media Mill with UThink blogs
with a dynamic flash player!
Hurrah. I am so happy! Please
let me know when this possible.

You managed to export a flash video to HD? I have to do this for a movie title, and save it as DVCPRO 720p24 format - could you point me in the direction of something that might explain how to set this up?
Thanks in advance

If you're talking about going from FLV to another format, than no, we don't handle that at all. I think you should be able to do that with the action Flash8 Professional application though - throw the FLV in a timeline and then do file->export->movie. In terms of going from some other format to FLV, being in HD or not shouldn't matter, just compress it as you normally would.