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Why is flash so slow?

Short answer: I have no idea. Read on.

In order to generate Flash video's, we use the Flash Exporter plugin from On2. It's just a standard Quicktime plugin. Compressor send video into the FliX black box, and out the other side comes FLV video. It seems to take approximately an hour to do compress four minutes of video at 640x480. This is running on a dual G5 xServe, pulling data over an xSan. It seems that there are a few problems with that setup. First, the export plugin isn't multithreaded, so it will only ever use a single CPU.

Next, when processing the data, nfsd uses about 50% of the CPU time. It seems like it's constantly reading and writing data from the shared folder that qmaster creates.

I'm hoping that when we transition to Intel xserves, some of this issue may magically be resolved. Unfortunately, until then, I think we're stuck with very slow Flash.