& Media Mill News: Major feature rollout

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Major feature rollout

Big changes in the world of Media Mill today. I just installed a new copy of the codebase, which represents the last six weeks or so of development work. What you get:

  • "my Projects" - you can now establish projects which contain multiple videos. You can share a project with another user and they'll also get all the videos it contains. Then, they can add videos to the project and they'll show up for you as well, automatically. It's like magic!
  • Derivative locking - you can click the lock icon next to any derivative. It'll prompt you for a "lock message." Once a video is locked, it can't be deleted without first being unlocked. The idea is that if you've embedded a video in a blog, or sent links out to all your friends, you don't want to delete it by accident. The lock message is intended to remind you of why it's locked. Clever eh?
  • Drag and drop rearrange - this is automatically enabled in the project interface, and can be selected in the general "my videos" page. Select the "custom" sort order, and then just click and drag to rearrange your video list. The order is then automatically stored on the server as you move things around, so it'll stick when you return. This works best if you "collapse all" first. This should work on all the modern browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE7).
  • Persistent sort settings - Your sort order choice (a-z, date, custom) is now stored in a client side cookie.
  • Improved performance - If you have your videos collapsed, thumbnails won't be loaded every time you refresh the "my Videos" page. Instead, they'll be loaded dynamically when you click the disclosure triangle. For those of you with lots of derivatives, this should improve performance substantially. Additionally, some javascript has been stripped, some has been consolidated, and the rest has been compressed.

I think that's about it. There are loads of other minor tweaks.

Please let me know if you run up against any issues with these new features. Thanks!