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May 21, 2007


I'm out of town for a bit, but I wanted to post that Media Mill created its 3000th derivative this weekend. We've actually compressed about 9000 derivatives total, counting the DCL, but this is 3000 Media Mill User videos.

We also passed 15,000 videos served a few weeks ago. That doesn't count owners watching their own videos, and we only started counting in November of 2006. So, that's pretty cool I think.

May 11, 2007


Hey look, it's not beta anymore.


To get an idea of what all has been rolled into this new build, check out my post from last week. Everything except GTV is now live. Cool.

As always, let me know if things are busted up.

May 5, 2007

What's in the pipe

I was just out walking and was contemplating all the new features in the next release of Media Mill. I figured I'd give a roundup of what's coming (hopefully in the next two weeks).

  • Support for audio-only files (transcoding to AAC or FLV)
  • Thumbnail browsing interface (browse by thumbs instead of clip titles)
  • Captioning support for Flash files
  • GopherTV support (may not be enabled in the release)
  • Automatic widescreen detection (including anamorphic DV files) ... hopefully
  • Various bugfixes

Hopefully this will be rolled out towards the end of this week, depending on how implementation of the anamorphic detection goes...

May 3, 2007

Did someone say captioning?



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