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October 28, 2008

New Features

Here's a short video that runs through some of the features that are about to appear on Media Mill.

What all have we got?

  • Upload from your browser (for small files)
  • AJAXyness - No more page refreshes for deleting archives/derivatives, locking, adding to projects, adding to podcasts, or checking status.
  • Support for setting the author field of podcasts (uses the credits field for individual videos, globally defined in the 'my podcasts' edit page)
  • Revised and cleaned help system - New articles on derivative types, quality levels, quicktime captioning and more!
  • Quicktime captioning support (actually shipped a few weeks ago, but it's official now)
  • Podcast viewing with Mango
  • Performance improvements for page loads
  • Ability to restrict access to only people with X500 accounts

October 23, 2008

More teaser fun

October 17, 2008

More New Hotness

Coming soon...

Cla Media Mill   University Of Minnesota-1

October 7, 2008

Captioning in Quicktime with Media Mill

The Media Mill beta site has a new feature, which allows you to caption Quicktime (and video for ipod/iphone) files, in addition to the existing flash capability.

All you need to do is add your captions to the transcript field (in the same DFXP format as always) and then create a quicktime derivative. The captions will be baked into the file, as a true captioning track. Then you can choose to turn it on and off during playback. In Quicktime Player, it's under the view menu, in iTunes it's under Controls->Audio Options, and on the iPhone it's in the iPod settings menu.

When you're watching it in the browser, just right click (or control click on a mac) on the video and choose "show captions." Here's an example.