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Last year, around this time, I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to study abroad in London, England. One of the reasons I chose the CAPA International Education program in London was because I had the option of being placed with an internship in my area of study. With much thought, based upon the past experiences I've had, the internship coordinators at CAPA placed me with MintTwist.

MintTwist.jpgMintTwist is a full-service digital agency in Northern London that works with clients throughout the world to develop successful digital strategies and website designs. Their hope is to create targeted traffic for their clients and to deliver significant business results through search engine optimization, website development and digital marketing strategies.

To help grow their business and bring optimum results to their clients, I was placed as a Web Marketing Intern. As a Web Marketing Intern I used my creative knowledge to create marketing content for the many clients that MintTwist has, along with creating content for the company itself. I also distributed web marketing content through various online channels including websites, blogs and social networking platforms. Additionally, I was able to learn the ins and outs of back link analysis, blog outreach and link building to enhance MintTwist's clients' search engine optimization results.

Through my experience I gained insight on a whole realm of knowledge I wasn't aware of previously. I was opened up to the industry of web marketing and taught so much useful information from my extremely knowledgeable colleagues.

Not only was MintTwist a learning experience from a business perspective, it also made me aware of the many cultural differences between here and the UK. From the moment I stepped foot into MintTwist I felt completely at ease. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and was extremely helpful in making sure I excelled in my duties as a Web Marketing Intern. All in all, it was an amazing experience and if given the opportunity to work abroad I would highly suggest it; thank you to MintTwist for making my experience in London one that I'll never forget.

Here is the workspace:

Some of the people I had the pleasure to work with:

If you'd like to learn more about MintTwist, you can visit their website here:

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