Bottled Water Survey Analysis

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This is a pilot survey that I participated in, conducted by an SJMC student for her honors thesis. The survey is about perceptions and opinions related to bottled water. All of the questions were open-ended, which made answering them easy. It was also nice to be able to give detailed descriptions for our answers if we chose to. I think the person who wrote the survey questions did a nice job. There were not any leading or loaded questions from what I could tell. The questions never made me feel like I had to give a certain answer to appease the researcher. I also think that the questions were ordered well because it started out with broad questions and ended with more specific questions, which is easier for the person being surveyed to answer.
One thing I question about his survey, though, is why there wasn't any demographic information to fill out. I think that type of information could have added more to the researcher's results. For example, if there was a specific age range that had particular perceptions about bottled water compared to a different age range. I also found it a bit odd that every single question was open-ended. Most, if not all surveys that I have participated in use a combination of both open-ended and scaled questions. Additionally, I am not sure how many people participated in this survey, but if there were a lot these questions would be very difficult and time consuming to code at the end.

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