Brands/Football Stadium Survey Analysis

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The attachment below this post is to a survey that I, along with a few group members, created for a public opinion class. Included with our questions is the results of each question.
Our survey focused on brand perceptions of Coca-Cola and Pepsi and the dispute between Mall of America Stadium and TCF Bank Stadium. We started out with demographic questions, followed by questions that asked if you know about the issue, and then we asked questions about brand perception of Coca Cola, Pepsi, and the two stadiums.
By writing and conducting our own survey, I learned a lot about the importance of finding the right target audience. Specifically, the majority people that took our survey didn't know what the issue was in the first place, so we didn't get the desired results we had planned. For our survey, we needed to survey people that were big football fans and that actually cared about the issue.
I think our survey question format was good. We used scale-based questions, specifically Likert scaled questions. If we would have used open-ended questions, it would have been complicated to code at the end. However, if I were to redo the survey and how we conducted it, I would find people that knew of our issue and cared about football. With this audience, an open-ended question or two in the survey would have been helpful to gain insight.

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