Gallup Poll: In U.S., More Cite Obesity as Most Urgent Problem Analysis

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More Americans than in the past say obesity is the most urgent health problem facing the United States, climbing to a new high of 16%. That compares with 1% in 1999, when Gallup began asking the question on an annual basis.

It looks like this poll was conducted longitudinally, over a span of about 13 years. This survey was in a open-ended question format. The most recent survey was conducted November 15-18 2012 and was distributed to a random sample of 1,015 adults, about equal men and women participated. The article even includes that this survey was conducted over the telephone.

I really liked this article because it gave great, in depth information about the survey, how it was conducted, and insightful results. I was a little surprised that it was an open question format survey, considering how long it can take an open-ended question survey to code.

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