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  The movement to pay college athletes recently made a huge step forward when the National Labor Relations Board determined that Northwestern football players were in fact employees of the University and therefore had the right to form a union. Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated recently wrote an editorial on this ruling. He argues for a new compensation system that wouldn't hurt the NCAA or the universities too much financially, and would slow down these lawsuits and appease the players more. His system is as follows:
Schools provide athletes the tuition, room and board up to the estimated cost of attendance.
Schools provide lifetime disability for athletes injured during there time at school.
Schools continue to pay the cost of attendance for athletes who suffer career-ending injuries for the rest of their eligibility.
They may provide up to $17,500 a year scholarship per athlete to be collected upon graduation.
Allow players to profit from their likeness.
One problem with his plan is the vagueness of that last requirement. The other 4 requirements are specific and not open to interpretation, so the NCAA would be able to put those in writing, but the last one is too open ended and wouldn't be acceptable to the NCAA standards, especially with how specific the current student-athlete terms they have outlined. He argues that this problem with the NCAA needs to be set out soon rather than settle in courts where they will have to deal with players that have had enough and lawyers out for the biggest pay days for their clients possible. He points out that student-athletes are often quoted as saying that they play for the love of the game, and not to be paid. His overall point is that if they want to keep similar terms to the current definition of a student-athlete they need to act now before this issue snowballs and gets bigger and bigger. He is using the recent Northwestern ruling as a good point to bring up his position and have it be timely.
Do you believe the outline of the compensation system Staples sets out is fair to players?
Do you believe the NCAA would ever agree to such terms?

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