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Hi my name is Gem McIntosh and I am a sophomore here at the U. I am originally from a small town called St. Francis about 40 minutes north of the twin cities but I have lived in St. Anthony for over a year now. I've had a hard time pinpointing what I want to major in, which is one of the reasons I'm taking this GWSS class. As for the image, I've found that one area that interests me is American Sign Language. The U doesn't have a program for it, so I'm hesitant to transfer anywhere else because I love it so much here! Also I'm quite indecisive which doesn't exactly help.

To me, justice, on the surface, is about fairness. Justice is often associated with our system of law and order, as in "criminal justice," or "the justice system." In this way, justice can be perceived as retribution, or paying your dues for some offense you committed. The way I view justice is not as a punishment, but rather as acting righteously in the first place. I had a high school friend whose life recently was taking a darker turn. In the past she had been studious, but now her partying lifestyle began having adverse effects on her life. In addition to drinking, she also picked up the habit of shoplifting. We were browsing the aisles in Target one day, and she mentioned that she had hidden several items in her purse that we had earlier looked at. I hadn't even noticed her conceal them; by this point she was quite the avid and inconspicuous shoplifter. I was not okay with this behavior, especially being a Target team member myself. We had somewhat of an intervention right there in the jewelry department. I confronted her about the turn her life had taken and asked her why she had resorted to shoplifting. After our little chat she decided to put back the items in her purse. I may not be the most righteous person out there, but I do try to help friends and stop them from shoplifting, even if it is as inexpensive as earrings or makeup.

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